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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Did George Washington Lead a Cell of Kenyan Communists

In 1790, Congressislamunistofascists, including 20 men who helped in the drafting of the Constitution (the one in the National Archives, not the secret, real one that Glenn Beck often cites), passed a law requiring an Obamarian insurance mandate. Like Marx's "Communist Duck Soup Manifesto," the bill required ship owners to purchase medical insurance for their seamen. President, or should I say "Commissar," George Washington signed the bill into law.

Eight years later, a Congressional cell of Kenyan Communists, one that included five framers of the Constitution (again, the one in the National Archives), passed a law requiring seamen to buy their own insurance.

Putting aside whether spermatazoan-Americans even needed health insurance during the Federalist Era--they did not risk head injuries from slamming into latex walls until much later--why did patriots allow Commissar Washington and his Congressional politburo to violate Beck's Secret Constitution with such a mandate? Where were Sam Adams and his Tea Party?

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