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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

A "Proud Individual of European Descent" Speaks

Update: Your comments prompted this fine, but pudgy and pasty, individual of European descent to threaten my advertisers with lawsuits.

Proud individuals of European descent hate Trayvon Martin, paragraphs, and fashion sense:
Today I, John King, MAEd, a father of two, honorably discharged officer of the US Army and a proud individual of European descent, decided to take on the "Klan with a Tan" at a "Justice for Trayvon" rally held at the University of Southern Indiana (USI) just outside of Evansville. I have had it with anti-White rhetoric thinly disguised as Trayvon "remembrance". I have had enough of this lame stream anti-White media campaign, the likes of which I have seen coming from my television from the time I was an infant. I believe in individual responsibility. I am tired of other races blaming their problems, shortcomings, deficiencies, etc on White people. 80% of the inmates in the Federal Prison System are non-Whites. With perhaps a few exceptions most everyone of them earned a jail cell by their actions. But if we're to listen to the Trayvon devotees, they are there because of "racist" judges and juries. Good one! We must understand that American Whites are subjected to an almost constant barrage of anti-White media propaganda. The propaganda is designed to hammer down White people and beat any sense of pride and heritage out of them. Usually the propaganda follows the usual paradigm: a evil, white, racist, nazi, supremacist White kills/beats an innocent, defenseless, lovable little black boy. That's why the media is showing pictures of Trayvan as cute little boy instead of the 17 year old thug he was with gold teeth flashing gang signs. This paradigm remains the same. Last time it was those three Duke Lacrosse players and that cut adorable black escort girl. It turned out the entire production was a hoax but there was no apology to those three white students once the hoax was exposed. Most hate crimes -- if you do your research -- are staged events in which Whites are falsely blamed. The entire purpose of the media circus is to beat down the resolve of the White race as a whole. We are all made to feel guilty because of the injustice done to Tyrone X or LaQueesha X. Any sort of propaganda which has its purpose to beat down a racial or ethnic group and make it feel ashamed of itself is IMMORAL. And it should be attacked as being immoral. Everyone -- blacks, whites, reds, etc -- have a human right to feel proud of the accomplishments of their ancestors and kinsfolk.


  1. Anonymous6:17 AM

    Ignorant hick, all white people do is complain about how they're held down now. you sound like the blacks in the 60's!

  2. So hard, being White in the US of A !
    & rough being Hetero & Male & of
    the Middle Class.

    A hard knocks life, as the song says...


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