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Monday, April 09, 2012

"Not Racist" Proudly White Individual of European Descent Rejects My Apology, Threatens to Shoot Me with His "Nigger Eater"

I wrote the proudly white, but "certainly not racist," Trayvon Martin protest protester, Marion Levinson "John" King, III, an email apologizing for your mean, race-traitorish comments. I also invited him to the compound to watch gladiator movies and make plaster of paris casts of our little soldiers. He declined. Apparently, you hurt the self-described individual of European descent's feelings so badly, he wants to shoot me with his absolutely not racist 9mm "bitch ass 'nigger eater.'"

My email appears below. His response follows.
John King
Proudly White Individual of European Descent
RaHoWa Fellow, The White Voice

Dear Mr. King,

I apologize for any commenters who may have called you a chubby, badly dressed, ignorant, inbred, mouth-breathing, racist, homophobic, nazi anti-Semite.

Clearly, you are not an anti-Semite in that you agree with the Christian Identity belief that Jews are not a Semitic people. I too believe that Jesus wasn't Jewish. He was from Newcastle. I think the confusion comes from the fact that Our Savior was a Jute, one of the three Germanic tribes, along with the Angles and Saxons, that ruled Britain during Roman times. It's not surprising that people would confuse Jutes with Jews; the words sound very similar.

I now also understand that you are a victim of Nazism rather than a perpetrator of it. The photos on your wife's Facebook page clearly show that you are being persecuted by "Yard Nazis" who, as she says are "calling the city on us" about the old furniture and other refuse you have strewn about your property. That's un-American. If having old couches, refrigerators, and auto parts piled up in a yard is a crime, then I guess every patriot in our nation is a criminal.

I'd like to make up for the rudeness of my commenters by inviting you out to my compound during the first week of June . My wife, OfJoshua, will be attending some kind of worship conference in Vegas with my neighbor, Mr. Garcia, so I'll be batching it.

It'll be fun. We can dress up in gladiator outfits and drink beer and eat pork rinds and Frito pie while we watch my extensive collection of gladiator movies. I even have a pair of powder blue leotards that would look dreamy on you.

I'd also like to do you the honor of making a plaster cast of your little soldier to place next to mine in the Glorious Christian Conservative Cultural Revolution's Grand Display Case of Patriot Units. You'll love it. I only use the whitest plaster of paris.

Please say yes.

Heterosexually yours,

Gen. JC Christian

p.s. Please, please, please stop writing angry letters to my advertisers. I'll need cash for beer, chili, Fritos, Vaseline, and plaster of paris.
His response (and yes, like many good patriots, he believes paragraphs are Jewish Negro plot to take our white women):
To: Gen. JC Christian, patriot
Sent: Saturday, April 07, 2012 6:46 PM
Subject: What apology?

Dear General,

What are you trying to tell me? I'll include this letter when I call your advertizers, [sic] that "Full Sail" univeristy [sic] and ITT Tech. Boy, now that's Ivy League material there. I was actually planning on giving up my attempt to contact your advertizers [sic] as I started my "crusade" after closing time one afternoon. But I still have their numbers on a piece of paper in my garbage can, which I have now retrieved. Rather than apologize you have just continued to taunt me with all the "racism" BS. You are only saying this because I'm white and it's obvious that "antiracism" is a code word for "anti-White" I'm uncertain what the Jews actually are, but I will go on record as saying no serious "god" chose them for anything. The Angles, Saxons and Jutes did not arrive in what we now call England until 411 AD which was after the Roman retreat from the island. You fail to understand that I am not a Christian, not a Conservative and not a patriot of this country. Nor am I known for screaming "Rohowa" (actually it's Rahowa). I am just a White man who wants a future for his children and other White children. I'm not asking for a lot. I see you've been doing some personal research. I want to tell you that I have a bullet with your name on it. So, when you get brave enough to come to my "King Plantation" unannounced just beware. Indiana is a "Castle Doctrine" state. That means that once you break into my house I don't have to retreat. Even if you're black they'll be no "Trayvon, Trayvon, how can the world go on without you?" marches around here. When I'm holding my 9mm (it's a bitch ass "nigger eater") the one thing I do not want to say is "Sorry I missed you." If you are non-White or Jew I can totally unterstand [sic] your talmudic [sic] hate of me. "It's Amalek!" But if you are a garden variety White person I'm wondering what your major malfunction is. I'm not a psychiatrist, so I can't really help you. But nationwide 90% of the yearly interracial crimes are committed by blacks and against whites. They amount to app. 1.54 million. Perhaps if a nigger beats the living shit out of your for your Air Jordans, maybe he'll knock some sense into you. Let's hope so.

As far as you pathetic advertizers [sic] go, you were stupid to contact me. I had already moved past this issue but you just reignited it with a can of gasoline. I guess now with your silly little missive I guess I can tell them that you have retaliated against me.

John King
I wrote him back. If he responds, I'll post both.


  1. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Their son is 8 years old and in 1st grade, according to the wife's FB page?

  2. Anonymous12:35 AM

    That's probably due to dad helping with the home schooling.


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