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Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Proudly White, but "Not Racist," Eulogy for Dick Clark

Remember Trayvon Martin protest protester, Marion Levinson "John" King, III (MLK)? He was the proudly white, but "not racist," "individual of European descent" who threatened to shoot me with his "9mm bitch ass Nigger eater." Well, his proudly white, but "not racist" co-blogger, Joe Adams, is very very sad.

You see Joe was a big fan of Dick Clark, but when Clark died last week, Joe learned a few things that broke his proudly white, but certainly "not racist," heart. Here's what he had to say:
Dick Clark died on Friday from a "massive heart attack" after years of declining health. I remember when I moved to where I currently live and watching the game show network with old greats hosting old time game shows like Richard Dawson on Family Feud, Gene Rayburn on Match Game, and none other than Dick Clark on Pyramid.

These two things were the extent of which I knew of Dick Clark. The now mumbling guy on New Year's Eve and the Pyramid host who said "... SO LONG!"

It wasn't until his death this Friday and all the coverage that I was able to understand what a filthy race traitor the man was...

Dick was the pioneer of race mixing. He was singlehandedly responsible for dragging mobs of blacks into White audiences to observe popular singers and performers. He also was responsible for such promiscuous and filthy pop stars like Michael Jackson (I know he died a White woman, but he's genetically a black man) and others. It is fair to say that Dick Clark ushered in the age of race-mixing...

Dick Clark, up until about a week ago, had a positive stigma attached to my mind. Now after his death he is exposed for who they are. Hey, they do say you really get to know someone after their heart stops beating right? Well Dick Clark, I say damn you. Damn you for playing such a big role and making millions of dollars as a result of the race-mixing, anti-White downfall of America, which was once the last bastion of White pride and solidarity.

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