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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

More Third Eagle Apocalyptic Election Analysis: Homosexualist Extension Cords and How Gay Anderson Cooper is Better than Masturbator Steven Colbert

Third Eagle of the Apocalypse, Co-Prophet of the End-Times, and our friend, William Tapley continues his analysis of the 2012 election:
People are still trying to explain how in the world could Mitt Romney lose this presidential election...I explained beforehand why he would lose. I made it very clear that the three Rs of Romney, Ryan, and Republicans could not defeat Barack Obama. I made it very clear that the only three Rs that could beat Obama were Revival, Repentance, and Mary's Rosary.
Homosexualists and lesbianesians are to blame:
Instead, however, of showing that America has repented, America has fallen deeper into the cesspool of immorality. Three states even legalized homosexual and lesbian marriage...Don't those people in those state's know that it is a physical impossibility.
Extension cords tell us why:
Now, I've got two extension cords here. If we look at this extension cord, we have a male end and a female end, as I'm sure you are aware, and the male end fits into the female end perfectly...
It is impossible for a male to fit into a male. See how that works? It doesn't work. It's impossible.

Same goes for the lesbianesians:
Same way for the female. The female end of an extension cord will not fit into the female end of another extension cord.

But it's not only homosexualists like Anderson Cooper who cost us the election. Masturbators like Steven Colbert did their part as well. In fact, they're even worse than homosexualists:
And I don't mean to pick on only homosexuals or lesbians. Any of you who are practicing fornication, or adultery, or pornography, or masturbation, you are just as guilty. All of those sexual sins are prophesied to be common in the end times, but they are still a violation of the Ten Commandments. In fact from my own personal experience with people like Anderson Cooper or Steven Colbert. I have found Anderson Cooper to be much fairer.

Mr Cooper has had me on his "Rediculist" five times. And even though he is making fun of me, he allows me to respond.

The videos:

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