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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Great minds...

This guy must read The General.

From the Times Herald-Record (Middletown, NY):

Justice miscarried

I'm as pro-life as the next fellow, but I just don't think the proposed Human Life Amendment to the constitution goes far enough to protect us all against the "evil" of abortion declaring the unborn fetus to be a full person from the moment of conception.

As long as any woman's body has the ability to abort naturally by way of miscarriage, natural abortions will continue to happen every day. The proposed amendment should require every woman who had a miscarriage to answer for the loss of that life in an investigation, be questioned and, if necessary, held liable for the death of that fetus. Perhaps even prosecuted if it can be proven she endangered that cute little baby-to-be by, for example, taking a drink at a party the evening before.

In drafting this proposed legislation, Congress must be aware that any mother-to-be must now have the obligation to produce a live, healthy infant or be legally answerable to a court of inquisitors.

Abortions, voluntary or involuntary, should no longer be an indiscriminate right. And some thought should be given to unnecessary daily and nightly waste of untold numbers of sperm and eggs, each one of which is a potential half-baby. Our research scientists, given enough funding, may be able to find a way to preserve these and combine them as heaven intended.

S. Kershaw

Helmit tip to reader Roland.

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