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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Trading emails with Gary Glenn

Gary Glenn
American Family Association of Michigan

Dear Mr. Glenn,

Thank you for responding [see below] to my email about Wiccan puppetry in our schools. It's prompted a few questions.

Did you seek any punishment for the child? Won't she continue to experiment with witchcraft if she is spared the glorious corrective powers of the rod? I'm worried that you have fallen victim to the modern, anti-punishment heresies popularized by the late Dr. Spock.

And what about the aunt? Have you forgotten the words of Exodus 22:18, "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live?" How can we use Leviticus as the basis for persecuting homosexuals while ignoring Exodus when it comes to witches? Shouldn't you be gathering wood and sinking a stake right now?

Finally, by urging the school to censor articles on Wicca, aren't you inadvertantly arguing that they to do the same for articles about Christianity? After all, to the secular world, aren't all religions the same?

Heterosexually yours,

Gen. JC Christian, patriot

Mr. Glenn's response:

Hi JC,

Thanks for your support.

Actually, the unnamed 8th grader said her aunt is a witch, and she (the 8th grader) is only "experimenting" with being a witch.

Since the middle school newspaper is purportedly published only under the supervision of adult staff, it is the school administration (particularly the teacher who serves as staff advisor for the paper) who was at fault.

As to how we prevent Wiccan puppetry, the solution is easy. Schools should teach the truth, which does not -- or at least, should not -- require equal time for falsehood.

Gary Glenn, President
American Family Association of Michigan

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