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Thursday, June 09, 2005

It's late

I just returned from a meeting in a land far, far away. It's too late for me to write anything tonight, so I'm going to post a couple of things other people have sent to me.


I hope the state security apparatus is keeping an eye on that French bastard who calls himself the Freeway Blogger.

I suppose he thinks that these signs will convince people to sign Rep Conyer's letter.


And now, something from Colonel Crooks and Liars:

Charles Johnson
Little Green Footballs

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I was going through my morning Christian reading material as usual with a hot cup of "smokey Joe" when I noticed a really cute gift idea from Agape press. Its called "Christian Baby Videos." The DVD's tell Bible stories for children from the ages of 0 to 3. The " Little Today, Leaders Tomorrow" video is by far the best."It's designed to stimulate the young mind with the beauty of God's colorful creation." What a terrific way to mold those itsy-bitsy brains into strong Evangelical intellects. It gave me a fantastic idea. Since military recruiting is so far behind their quotas because the welfare class is just too lazy and unpatriotic to join, why don't all the Little Green Numbnut parents pitch in to save our proud country.

My "Marine Corp. Baby" video series features the cutest little guns, bullets and furry hand grenades that you've ever seen. Just imagine the type of warriors your tiny tykes could develop into. Just strap your children into their high chairs and have them gleefully watch the wonderfully animated " Things Go Boom" DVD. What we are really doing here is planning for our future generation's kids too. There's a huge need for brave little fighters to go out and attack errrrr defend this country and what better way to do that then to have them already prepared. Just think of how so far advanced the children of LGF will be above all the other war blogging kids. They'd literally own the sandbox at every school. I'm waiting to take your orders now. You can pay by cash, credit card, and we are proud to announce that C&L is now accepting the highly advertised Iraqi Dinar, the fastest growing currency in the world.

Metrosexually yours,

Crooks and Liars


Oh, and stop being so mean to Chad and JJ. You've really shaken those brave patriots. I hope they don't acquire combat induced post traumatic stress syndrome because of this. They're serving their country valiantly.

BTW, I don't believe for one second that anyone threatened JJ's newborn daughter. My guess is that someone suggested that he should send her off to Iraq when she's of age. We should be about halfway through Our Leader's brilliant "Mission Accomplished" phase by then.

Update: I just read some of the comments about JJ's kid. They are way out of line. The author(s) should either apologize or get a guest blogging gig at Little Green Footballs.

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