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Friday, December 22, 2006

Proud to be an American

I'm sure Mrs. Malkin, Our Lady of the Concentration Camps, is bursting with pride now that the State Security Apparatus has begun to fill up its "family detention centers" with little brown ones.

Of course, Nez doesn't share Mrs. Malkin's happiness:

Bullying children, scaring children. Jailing children. Tearing families apart. Words like "enforce the laws" while you break every single one that suits you, even rescinding the bedrock rights of Americans. Words like "Hiring more Whites." Words like "a different breed of worker, now that more money is being offered." Now. That more money is being offered. A PR stunt to let all the Dobbsians know that SEE there are Americans willing to do those slimy, messy, stinking, ugly jobs. No need for Mexicans at all, actually.

Jobs. The clarion call of the TV-fed American who chooses to know nothing about history. Who chooses not to attack those from India when American companies hire hundreds and hundreds of people there to avoid paying workers here. And is this American aware of the American companies that fire American workers to build factories in Mexico? Does this racist, Nationalist, TV-fed American not know of all the many, many ways their own government feeds itself cash while cutting corners on every single issue that concerns human beings?

Fools. We are all living in the shadow of the crumbling empire, the falling dollar. You and I do not matter. Mostly, Mexicans don't matter right now. Unless they can be used. Used for their labor, for the symbolic value of locking us up, used to build fences to keep the rest out. While you suck up all the little pieces of culture that you find oh-so-tasty. I hope you choke on your next tamale, Nationalist.

You need to read the whole thing.

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