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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The $100 Hannidate

I'm sure that there will be those in the francosphere who will call Mr. Hannity a hypocrite, but I think this photo proves that his kind of support of legalized prostitution is different than the the kind of support he accuses Justice Ginsburg of harboring.

More pictures from Mr. Hannity's Big Brothel Adventure (The pictures are tame, but you may not want to look at the Bunny Ranch's site at work).

Update: Mr. Hannity only hangs out at the classiest whorehouses. Check out these Bunny Ranch testimonials (not work safe):

"Steamier than Amsterdam"
Joey Buttafucco

"Nevada's Sexual Food Court"
Vince Neil - Motley Crue

Update II: (Bunny Ranch Site warning) It looks like Judith Regan found work after the Jewish publishing cartel destroyed her.

A helmet tip to reader Shawn.

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