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Friday, March 09, 2007

God's name isn't "Tucker Smallwood"

Noel Sheppard

Dear Mr. Sheppard,

Like you, I was disgusted by last night's Sarah Silverman Program, but as a Mormon, it wasn't the carnal relations between Silverman and Our Lord that pissed me off. As Mitt can testify, we're OK with a little heterosexual God on virgin action. It's how Jesus was conceived. Basically, God met Mary at a party, got her loaded on water he turned to wine, and then invited her to his fabulous bachelor's pad to "see his etchings." Sure, He was married at the time, but, hey, He's God; what are you going to do about it.

I think the title of this Free Republic post gets to the heart of why this show bothers so many conservative Christians like me: "Comedy Central Comedian Sarah Silverman Sleeps With 'Black God.'" It's not the sex that angers us the most; it's that God is portrayed as being a negro. That's unacceptable. Everyone knows he's a white guy. Heck, he made us in his own image.

And even if God happened to be black, we wouldn't want him consorting with our women. You know the boys at the local heritage appreciation society klavern, as well as the Washington Times editorial staff, would be all for kicking His omnipotent ass if that were the case.

Did you happen to catch the shows credits? The dirty Hollywoodislamunistofascists mocked His Holy Member by saying the part of God was played by "Tucker Smallwood." Yeah right. If it had been Allah, they would have listed him as "Rod Majors."

Heterosexually yours,

Gen. JC Christian, patriot

Elsewhere: Our Freeper-American brothers and not-brothers comment on another Silverman show:

Like most Jewish comics/comedians what she considers funny (body functions), many of us older Americans don't. In fact I keep wondering where all the comedians have gone as so few actually have an act that is funny.


On one of the public tv channels last night, they had a rerun of the old Jack Benny show. THAT was comedy...warm and funny.


Yes and Red Skelton, Red Buttons, Phil Silver, Milton, Carol, Redd Fox and so many more that are no longer with us.


I can't help but wonder about a society that stoops to the level of comedy we are getting megadosed on....Mike Myers, Adam Sandler, and the rest of them simply aren't funny. Bob Hope was a one-of-a-kind as were all the people you mentioned and more...George Burns, Sid Caeser....


Red Buttons - NEVER GOT A DINNER!! I'm a little young, but I was watching Dean Martin roasts in my tweens and they still crack me up!


I loved Dean Martin, his humor and his recordings.


Red Skelton is my all-time fav--"Two seagulls, Gertrude and Heathcliff . . ."

This no-talent bimbette, and her ilk, can't even shine Red's shoes.


Clintonism did make the PERVERSE ADORABLE for some. Strange twisted way to advertise 'art'. Sign of the times, more gutter filth to follow.


Jack Benny was the best, and he was portrayed as a gentleman.

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