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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Why does Mike Stark hate America?


I stopped by their [The College Republicans] booth at CPAC’s exhibit hall and asked if they’d help me convince the Directors of CPAC to bring in military recruiters…

She wouldn’t stand up for the troops.

Listen to the audio.

More to come. Check back for updates.

Update: Mike Stark:

I repeated this sort of interview several times throughout the conference. I’d look for the most attractive college republican girls standing with their boyfriends. I always tried to do it when there was a group of six or eight - 3 or 4 couples…


Given the fact that these young women are so attractive, I thought it might help out the guys they are with if the girls shared with us what they found attractive in a "REAL" man…

Hear the audio.

More tomorrow:

I’ve got a lot more coming tomorrow. Audio of miss manners cussing a blue streak (that’d be Malken)… Audio of Malkin and her panty-waste lackey, Brian Preston, chatting with me about the lack of recruiters… (that’s when I “came out” and announced myself - a true magic moment)… audio of me asking Duncan Hunter how old the earth is… asking Grover Norquist about tax fairness for the blue states - why we pay much more in taxes than we get back from the feds, but the red states pay much less in taxes than they take from the feds.

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And now, for something completely different...

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