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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Dick's exciting Rose Garden safari

I'm very disappointed with C-Span. I considered them, like Fox, to be one of the few totally balanced and non-partisan media outlets out there until I saw their coverage Of Our Leader's press conference.

It started out well enough with a long range shot of Deputy Leader Dick skulking in the bushes while Our Leader addressed the traitorous White House press corps, Les Kinsolving, and a reporter from Fox. But sadly, that was the only time we got to see Dick.

It wasn't an oversight. C-SPAN deliberately avoided airing more shots of Dick because they didn't want us to see what the Deputy Leader was doing: field dressing the impoverished person he shot that morning.

There can be no doubt C-Span truly hates hunting and the Second Amendment, otherwise, they wouldn't have passed on such great opportunity to allow the Vice President of the United States to share his love of hunting humans with the American people.

It would have been a great interview--Dick telling us how much he enjoys hunting the poor as he dresses his kill, how thrilling it is when he sees the Secret Service releasing his quarry, how satisfying it is to mount his kills, and how he got the authorization to hunt poor people into the Homeland Security Bill without Arlen Specter noticing.

But C-SPAN didn't give us this opportunity to hear Dick tell us about what he loves. Shame on them. I think America is poorer because of it.

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