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Friday, May 18, 2007

Gonzales Does Whatever a Spider Can

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, seen here on his way to visit the sick and elderly in a local hospital, has, for all intents and purposes, left the building.

Note vis a vis the Gonzales Was Exploiting the Weakened and Gravely Ill Ashcroft story: Alberto (the Slug) Gonzales claims he was only trying to get his AG predecessor's autograph for a shy and adoring fan. Andy Card was brought along to the hospital to enjoy a contact high from the act itself and from the vapors that would have come from the magic marker that was to be employed. As for then acting Attorney General James Comey? Comey is a goddamn fly in the ointment, and not in the web where he was supposed to sit and wait, the better to be consumed at a later time. Scruples? Scruples izz zo pre 9/11!.

Nothing to see here, folks. Nothing to see here. Please don't touch the dessicated corpses!

Though tempted to squeeze off Ashcroft's air supply and crush his larynx like a Vienna Sausage, our au courant Attorney General showed great restraint in his effort to inspire Ashcroft to a new level of appreciation for what the long arm of the law can achieve in our eternally troubling times.


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