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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Immigration Man

Inasmuch as last week was "National Hate Mexicans Week," let's do something to piss off Tom Tancredo, Lou Dobbs, and that guy you know who's always spraying spit from his mouth when he's screaming about how the "Mexkins" are going to replace football with soccer. I'm looking for songs by Mexicans, or people of Mexican descent--no let's open it up to songs by anyone who has a current or ancestral tie to any country in the Western Hemisphere where either Spanish or Portuguese is the dominant language.

And let's also throw in songs about immigration performed by anyone. That way I can add Immigration Man by Graham Nash to the list. And I can also bitch about how people reacted when he played it at the CSNY concert in Portland last summer. The US, Canadian, and Mexican flags were projected, in turn, onto a screen behind him as he sang it. People went crazy over Old Glory and wild over the Maple Leaf, but the place fell silent when the Mexican Flag went up. It was the only time the place was silent all night. I was very ashamed of my fellow liberals, and everyone there was a liberal, that night. We're supposed to be a little better than that in the Northwest, especially along the I-5 corridor. I'm still disgusted by it as i think about it now.

Anyway, I'll start out with something from War (a band with a number of Hispanic members over the years), Low Rider. Then let's do Good Morning Aztlan (Hear that? It's Malkin's head exploding) by Los Lobos, and finally Graham Nash (or not, I can't find the song, but I'll keep the rant up anyway because it's been eating at me).

How could I forget Carlos. Let's throw in his Corazon Espinado too. And I might as will put The Cisco Kid up as well. I love War (What is it good for? Well, where else are you going to find lyrics like "eat the salted peanuts out the can," except for perhaps in Macarthur Park).

So there's your assignment. Now build us a list. The playlist is called: Let me in, Immigration Man.

You can add or search for songs here.

username: jcchristian
password: ourmusic

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