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Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Patriotsphere's reasoned response to Sicko

I'm very proud of the intellectual approach the Patriotsphere is employing to counter the Michael Moore's new film, Sicko. By carefully building their arguments on logic and reason, our finest patriot-bloggers make a case for Michael Moore's obesity that is virtually unassailble.

Here are a few examples of some of their more reasoned arguments:

Michael Moore is a big fat hypocrite
--"tommygunmike" (i wouldn't read to much into why he chose that name. I considered browningautomaticriflejoshua when I started blogging, and at three long hard inches, my little soldier is bigger than normal) at Cold Fury

Maybe his next work will be Downsize Me
--Some big government libertarian who teaches law in Tennessse.

A while back, I found it ironic that an obese slob was making a documentary about health care.

Michael Moore is telling investors to dump shares of HMOs. Lick my balls Michael Moore. This fat, unkempt nimrod is a hypocrit.
--Street Verse: Financial District

...I can't stomach the idea that my seven bucks might buy Michael Moore a few deep fried twinkies.
--State of the Union

Transcript: For those of you who can't look at Moore's big fat cud-chewing maw without retching.
--Ace of Spades, fighting the islamunistofascist menace one blog post at a time

Michael Moore (the Fat Ass from Flint)
--The Liberty Papers

...the Main Stream Media is lining to kiss his fat ass...
--The Saloon

I had to chuckle when one web site linking to the pirated version commented, 'Watch this free copy and keep $ out of that fat f-cks hands.'
--Jason Apuzzo, who can't get a movie made because "The Man" is a dirty fucking hippy.

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