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Friday, June 15, 2007

Surprise Inspection!

At approximately at 18.00 hours, Jackson Street Books received an unexpected visit from our exalted General himself, and the lovely ofJoshua. The General said that they are in town to attend the glorious graduation ceremony of their daughter. But I think the store investigation was high on their agenda. I can only hope that we passed the muster. We are eagerly anticipating the review! It seemed that the recently alphabetized Mystery section met with ofJoshua's approval. Young grandchild (he's a very bright young man) approved of our animal section and seemed to like the Zebra Finch, Gertrude. (Her companion, Alice, died tragically two years ago, Gertrude's a spinster).

But I didn't have the chance to remove from the floor all the books written by Frenchmen. I'm so embarrassed. Later I will visit the man with the spatula. But he's kinda booked up for all this weekend.


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