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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas for a Wounded, Pretty Bird

YOU MAY RECALL, I posted a request for Olbermann last week or so, passing on the wish/hope/dream that one person in the Native American comunidad expressed for a greater level of exposure of their particular need. That need was that a home be bought, a refuge home for Native American women who have been victimized and have nowhere to go, especially as the law is arranged in such a way that there is very little protection or recourse for them in these times they would need such a shelter.

My request for Olbermann's platform was that he highlight this case because it represents an epidemic in the reservations. And because, well, face it. He has a large, virile platform. I know I can't take my eyes off it. And more importantly, who the hell are we to ignore the pains and suffering of the Native American community? Don't make me point to one of my dreaded "brown" diatribes! (Damn, I did it anyway!)

Unfortunately, Olbermann did not respond to the plea I passed on, nor the charge I made that his comments were getting a bit "frothy" except for a week later with a sudden explanation and defense of his much-needed and "vociferous" Special Comments. (Keep the faith, baby, estoy de acuerdo). And hey, okay. I knew the chances were slim. But really, this ain't about Keith, and we know that. And it's not about the way some issues are highlighted in Big Media and some are never really seen (well, okay, it is, a bit). Primarily, and today, this is about the women in the reservations. And really, helping them doesn't have to have anything at all to do with the past. Because here in the Now, people—people just like you or your mama—are hurting. And have nowhere to go. And guess what? Last time I posted on this, many of you chipped in and we helped bring these women $1500 closer to their goal. That is a real world effect of your actions. I thank you. And so do others.

I think one of the biggest problems is that there are not words to truly convey how we feel. I remember one day last spring, while we were having a Meeting, Georgia brought the mail and handed each of us a stack, telling us to start opening it. Betsy, in less than 10 minutes, I was holding a little under $15,000 in my hand! For Pretty Bird Woman House! I couldn't speak; we just looked at one another and cried.

Our vision, our dreams for the women of Standing's happening and it is happening because of folks the likes of yourself, Norman, your colleagues, and all of the caring folks out there who believe and want to make a difference in the world.

—Letter from a Pretty Bird Woman House Board Member

Today there is a little blogpush to try and help the women of Standing Rock Reservation meet their financial goal, which of course, meets so many other larger important goals just in doing so. Like actually having that house and helping countless people in the future. Right now they have enough to have bid on the home, but are still a bit short for having enough to buy it. We are 65% of the way there. And the importance of this shelter existing is still 100% relevant today.

A frightened woman on the Standing Rock Reservation feels her pregnant belly and checks the weather. It’s below freezing. Should she stay and get beaten again or flee? There’s no money for a hotel. She can’t stay but she can’t risk the lethal cold.

She has called Pretty Bird Woman House women’s shelter, but their building was destroyed by arson.

Write the Christmas story for Pretty Bird Woman House

You can also help by commenting and recommending this post, if you have the proper account. But even if you have no account, I ask you to at least read that post for a well detailed account of why helping now is so important.

Gracias to all generous souls during this time of year and in regards to this effort, and all others at all times. Security and fear and borders and missiles and sanctions are all good and well. But it is generosity that has a better chance of saving our kind than anything else, I think.

And as a final comment, Keith, I still love you. Really, I just want the best for you and your historical image. Remember that.

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