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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Godwin Is Dead. And No One Cares.


ROME (Reuters) - A local politician has shocked Italians, and Jews in particular, by proposing that immigrants be treated with the same severity the Nazis used when they occupied the country.

Giorgio Bettio, a city councilor in the northern city of Treviso, said during a council meeting earlier this week: 'With immigrants, we should use the same system the SS used, punish 10 of them for every slight against one of our citizens.'

His comments revived memories of the 1944 Ardeatine Caves massacre, when Hitler ordered that 10 Italians be executed for each of the 33 German soldiers killed in a partisan attack against occupying forces on a Rome street.

Immigration has been a burning issue in the rich northern Veneto region where Treviso is located. Tensions have flared regularly between residents and immigrants, some of them seeking work in the area's factories and fields.

—Italy politician urges Nazi policies for immigrants

Cursed work-seekers!! Grrr!! What's wrong with these people? Don't they have any video games?

And don't be too mad at Treviso because he's sorry! He claims he only brought up Nazi methodology because an "Asian immigrant had threatened his mother." So you know. TOTally understandable thing to say during a town meeting.

It sort of baffles me. Being staunchly "anti-immigrant" is like being "anti-birthplace." Without them we wouldn't be here, and we can't be against them without looking self-loathing, and honestly, sort of silly.

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