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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

SL Events for the French (Week of Dec. 16)

Special offer at the end of this post.

Events from the Left on Second Life
Week of Dec. 16
All times SLT/PST

Wednesday, Dec. 19

2pm and 6pm
Dancing at Etopia Eco-Village
Etopia Eco-Village

Thursday, Dec. 20

Virtually Speaking With Jimbo Hoyer
This weeks guests are New Media Genius Matt Stoller of Open Left and MyDD, and Professor of Law Tim Wu. There will be an after event dance (I think)
InWorld Amphitheatre

Friday, Dec 21

Dancing Liberally Christmahanakwazastice party at the Hetstence Ranch.
Bring a sweater - it's chilly at the ice rink. We also have a couple new additions to the snowman walk of horror. Ice skating, dancing, snowball fights, Festivus pole, blah blah blah
The Hetstence Ranch

Saturday, Dec 22

Lag4Peace Meeting
Planning future actions. contact Any1 Gynoid or solidad Sugarbeet for details.
Conscious Lounge

open/facilitated discussion on left issues; topic will be announced a few days before the discussion.
Conscious Lounge

The Roadhouse will be breaking in the stage!
Phil Rossi, PR Lovenkraft in-world, author of podio-novel Crescent, and musician will be rockin' the Lonely Yak with a style somewhwere between Jim Morrison and Lenny Kravitz.

Once again, DJ Rocky will be playing all your Christmas favourites on demand! The General has already earmarked "You Ain't Getting Shit for Christmas" for Dick Cheney.
The Lonely Yak Roadhouse

a very special two hour show with Wildo Hoffman of Sonic eSpaces. From her profile: "My aim here is to improve, reconsider, experiment, sonic aspects of sound implementation and musical expression on SL simulations and objects. This inculdes, sound design, aesthetics, musical composition and post-production."

She's making her debut for English and Americas audiences, so don't miss it ^_^ Her space in sl is at Fangzhang Island, Penglai (242, 235, 22) - check it out...
Conscious Lounge

*Sunday, Dec 23

solidad Sugarbeet spins the mellow vibe: hip-hop, electronica, r&b and more.
Conscious Lounge

11 am
DJ Andi spins the hard beats. Come wear your baddest, sexiest gear and get apocalyptic with us. EBM and Industrial means you want it.
Conscious Lounge

Now for the special offer.

I own the apartments you see below. I'll let the first 7 new (to SL) people I meet in-world use them for a few months for free. They're small, but perfect for someone who wants a little privacy to change clothes or whatever. I will be at many of the events listed here, just introduce yourself. If you don't see me, IM me. My name is GenJCChristian Homewood.

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  1. Those are the flamingos. And I have a virtual bean bag chair to donate to anyone who wants to relax in the new little home.


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