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Sunday, February 10, 2008

94,000 Humans Don't Count

I AM SURPRISED, in all honesty, that this is not linked in more places. In my opinion, people who believe in the Democratic process (and I'm not even sure how much I do, anymore, especially given events like this which seem to happen over and over) would be incensed that the Registrar in charge of Los Angeles County would acknowledge that 94,000 votes, thats NINETY-FOUR THOUSAND VOTES will not be counted. Votes that were cast. By humans! Who thought their will would factor into the Democratic process! Who the hell is this person to assert that their votes are meaningless?

Perhaps you remember the recent post I did on this voting trouble in Califas. Here's the follow-up.

In what the media is now calling "Double Bubble Trouble," 94,000 "Decline-to-State" votes in Los Angeles County -- 50% of the total DTS ballots cast -- are being rejected due to a ballot design flaw, despite the Courage Campaign's discovery of the "double bubble" problem and official notification to the Registrar prior to Election Day.

Last weekend, lawyers for the Courage Campaign uncovered the "double bubble" problem -- a shocking requirement that "Decline-to-State" voters fill in a redundant "Democratic" bubble (on a ballot clearly marked "Democratic Party") as well as a bubble next to their preferred presidential candidate. Our legal team realized that -- without the "Democratic" bubble filled in -- the county's optical scanners would void votes for "President of the United States," regardless of voter intent.

Unfortunately, Dean Logan, the Registrar in charge of Los Angeles County, is refusing to conduct a physical hand-count of every "Decline-to-State" vote before the official vote is certified in just a few weeks.

Tell the Los Angeles County Registrar to count all "Decline-to-State" votes

Dean Logan. Anti-American if I ever heard of one. Anti-Democracy Dean Logan. Anyway, the petition to have every vote counted is here. It requires minimal clickee-typee, and I don't know about you, but to me, ninety-four thousand disenfranchised voters represents a danger to our Democratic process and the future engagement of that process, as well as insures that a shadow of illegitimacy will hang over the rest of this campaign.

Anyway, haven't we had enough of Presidents who gain power without truly being voted in?

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