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Monday, February 11, 2008

What Ron Paul supporters are packin'

Owning firearms is about the most patriotic act an American can perform. And when it comes to sheer patriotic firepower, no other group of citizens can match Ron Paul backers. As you can see in this thread (titled Who's Packin' What?) at the Ron Paul Supporters Forum, they shoot the hottest loads out of the largest, longest, most powerful and potent firearms you'll see anywhere:


For daily, Glock G26. Around the house Arsenal SLR-106U SBR, Yugoslavian M70AB2, and my .308 Savage Model 10 LE for reaching out and touching [sniping].


For personal defense and law enforcement applications, the International Wound Ballistics Association advocates number 1 buckshot as being superior to all other buckshot sizes.


Almost 30 years ago I sold all my guns in order to raise money for tuition. My resolution for 2008 was 1) buy some gold to hold for the impending collapse of our currency and 2) buy some guns while it is still legal in order to fulfill my constitutional responsibility (standing militia)...The shotgun I chose is a Remington 870 (12 ga) w/ 18" barrel, pump action, 6-shot mag plus one in the chamber (00 buckshot). You can buy kits for pistol grip, etc., but I think the 18" barrel really makes it useable even in a hallway.


Magnum Research Desert Eagle .50. The weapon I choose to call "Painless", ironically because I've suffered two stress fractures in my left wrist after firing it on the range with too hot a load.


Ruger Vaquero, which I open carry on a daily basis.
I need to get a more practical handgun for everyday carry purposes, I guess, but goddamn I love my single action cowboy gun.

Charles Wilson:

Folks do you remember Waco and Ruby Ridge? I would be very careful about listing my fire power.


Just added to my collection: bought a Bersa Thunder .380 Concealed Carry today. It's the same as the regular Bersa Thunder but has rounded off sights, etc. so they don't snag on your clothing when drawing.


we have a Mossberg Persuader that's modified to look real freakin' scary.


I won't list my arsenal, but my favorite home defence weapons are: 12 gague mossberg (500) with folding stock for tight areas and turtling, and a Rossi 38 for room to room.

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