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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A sputtering lunatic

Gene Weingarten
Washington Post

Dear Mr. Weingarten,

I just now finished listening to your interview on NPR's On the Media. I was very happy to hear you praise Rush the way you did. Far too few people understand that he's just funnin' with blacks when he sings songs called "Obama the Magic Negro."

I was also intrigued by this comment you made about about Keith Olbermann's Feb. 14th broadcast:
He was busy calling George Bush a fascist and comparing his stance on this relatively minor issue to the Alien and Sedition Act. He was simply a sputtering lunatic...
I wondered what that relatively minor issues was, so I looked up a transcript and found this:
If you believe in the seamless mutuality of government and big business — come out and say it! There is a dictionary definition, one word that describes that toxic blend. You’re a fascist... What else is this but fascism?

... you were demanding an Ex Post Facto law, which could still clear the AT&Ts and the Verizons from responsibility for their systematic, aggressive, and blatant collaboration with your illegal and unjustified spying on Americans under this flimsy guise of looking for any terrorists who are stupid enough to make a collect call or send a mass e-mail.
Of course. What could be more minor that the issue of corporations conspiring with the government to violate our civil rights. It's certainly no where nearly as important as the issue one your colleagues, Kathleen Parker, addressed in her column the next day: the possibility that sharia law will be instituted in Europe.

Sputtering lunatic, indeed.

Heterosexually yours,

Gen. JC Christian, patriot

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