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Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm very worried

So far everything's fine. Condoleezza Rice's approval of the use of torture isn't as big a story as it should be. The media has been far too busy reporting on important stories like Barack Obama's elitist desire to drink orange juice and his "complicity with rappers date[ing] back to at least 2006."

But I'm still very worried someone will think of a creative way to bring attention to Condi's torture jones. What if someone asked her pastor about it, for instance. She often touts her attendance at National Presbyterian Church in Washington DC as evidence of her deep faith. How would the church's senior pastor respond if he began receiving thousands of emails at his email address, asking him if his church believed that torture is grievous sin? Would he be prompted, as the leader of the nation's most influential Presbyterian congregation, to make a public statement that the very acts his most famous parishioner approved were evil? If so, could the press resist doing such a story.

That's why I'm worry.

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