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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Intellectual Achievements of Michael Medved

The General, on several occasions, has alerted us to the many stunning ideas of talk-show host Michael Medved. It turns out that Michael has made the astounding and important discovery of an unique American DNA, that not only explains us a people, but in a nuance that only the keen mind of Medved could have discovered, also explains the “racial divide”:

“The idea of a distinctive, unifying, risk-taking American DNA might also help to explain our most persistent and painful racial divide - between the progeny of every immigrant nationality that chose to come here, and the one significant group that exercised no choice in making their journey to the U.S. Nothing in the horrific ordeal of African slaves, seized from their homes against their will, reflected a genetic predisposition to risk-taking, or any sort of self-selection based on personality traits.”

But, wait, there’s more:

“Senators Obama, Clinton and other leaders who seek to enlarge the scope of government face more formidable obstacles than they realize. Their desire to impose a European-style welfare state and a command-and-control economy not only contradicts our proudest political and economic traditions, but the new revelations about American DNA suggest that such ill-starred schemes may go against our very nature.”

Of course, that stickler for scientific truth, P.Z.Meyers who produces the unpronounceable website Pharyngula, takes exception. Of course, he would. He’s so unpopular with the true scientific community, especially those at the Discovery Institute, that he was prevented from seeing the new Ben Stein movie, “Expelled”.

It’s true that I once saw Michael with conservative talk show host, and candidate for Governor in Washington state, John Carlson at a preview showing of “Shrek”. I can say with some confidence that the popcorn trick was not used.

A helmet tip to…The General!


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