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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dancing Queen My Aunt Fanny!

Life's Been...Did I Mention I Was A POW?
(sung to the tune of Joe Walsh's Life's Been Good to Me So Far)

I have some houses, I think seven is right
Some are just condos that I don’t visit twice
I live in Sedona, the desert is hot
I crank up the AC and turn on Matlock

They say I’m wealthy but it’s all from my wife
I’m just looking for gin and a bucket of ice
It is good to be the King

A maverick who does just what he likes
I like Big Oil, who wants to ride bikes?
I have a sweet jet, belongs to the wife
I call her names and hide all the knives

I’m a born leader, got to give me my due
My resume says P-O-W
I went to the movies and wanted half price
Told them my story of five years in the rice

By ducky, I’m still sane after all I’ve been through
Did I happen to mention I’m a P-O-W
That's right: a P-O-W

[Instrumental Interlude]

I joined the Party that lied us to war
It’s a Big Business: it’s what money is for
It’s hard to learn about economics
Cindy is the one who writes all the checks

They say I’m forgetful…what was I singing about
I’ve misplaced all of my keys, now I am locked out
Life’s been good to…oh, what was my name again?


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