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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Is Charter Communications in Financial Trouble?

Charter Communications has been my internet, phone, and cable TV provider for years? Up until very recently, I've been very happy with their service and have recommended them to friends. That's no longer true. 
Over the last three weeks:
  • My internet has been down a total of ~4 days.
  • Phone and TV have been down a total of ~2 days.
  • I've been on the phone with them ~15 times.
  • I've scheduled 6 technical service appointments with them (cancelled three when service came back up--I work and can't wait around for them).
  • Unsuccessfully tried to pay my bill via their automated payment service 4 times.
  • Tried to pay it via their live tech support 3 times without success (They were able to get their system to work the 4th time)
Right now, I'm posting from a bar, because my internet, phone, and TV are down, yet again. Tommorrow morning I'll miss a half a day of work while I wait for them to show up. If they don't fix it, I'll probably move to Qwest (although their bandwidth is much lower than what I get from Charter when there service is up.)
So what's up with Charter? I've gone years without a problem and now my service is terrible. They even have problems taking my money. 
I'm wondering if they are cutting back on maintenance because they are in financial trouble. 
Anyone else going through this?
How's Qwest's service?

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