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Thursday, December 25, 2008

No Guns, But Kaye Is a Swinging Single

The latest installment of Promontory Pointers has me a bit concerned. There's not a single reference to guns or killing. Is all that weaning they've been up to softened the the good men and women of Promontory?

And whats with all the sexual innuendo about Kaye every week? Is Winnie trying to undermine Miss Draper's position as Relief Society secretary?

From my hometown paper:

Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Jim and Starr Mitchell are getting ready for their first Christmas in Promontory. Along with Christmas baking, shopping and chopping wood, they are getting warm again in front of their fire after riding their bikes down the road for great exercise.
Boyd Udy is feeding hay to his horses in the field now. He has been feeding the calves in his corral since he weaned them and he is getting his team ready for feeding the cows in the field soon.
On Monday Kaye Draper joined with the Swinging Singles Square Dance Club for an evening of fast-paced dancing. On Tuesday she attended a Christmas party for the member location department in the Relief Society Building in Salt Lake City. A delicious meal of ham, chicken, shrimp, salad and several kinds of desserts, was served. On Wednesday and Friday, Kaye called bingo during the day, and on Friday evening her apartment complex gave a very special bingo party. Although no food was served the prizes were “extra special” for the winners. On Saturday, Kaye attended her ward Christmas party where all kinds of food and desserts were served and entertainment was great.
On Tuesday, Winnie Richman attended the Temple in Logan and granddaughter Mariah Richman’s piano lesson before her recital on Saturday. Wednesday’s art lesson in Robert’s Arts and Crafts in Clinton got Winnie started on a new painting. There will be no more art until the first of January. On Friday Clynn and Winnie met son Lyle at Maddox Ranch house for his birthday celebration and to enjoy Maddox’s new book – fantastic.
On Saturday, Winnie drove to Brigham to revel in Mariah’s piano recital. Many Christmas selections were played and received enthusiastic audience applause.

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