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Friday, January 30, 2009

“T.V. makes the news really come home”

My hometown paper informs me that Kaye got fourteen contacts during square dancing:

Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent
Orson Poulsen reports having to begin tearing down his barn, which the high winds recently blew over. He says the antique buggy he was storing in there sustained some damage, but the wheels and frame are ok.
Tyrell Udy went to the cutter races Saturday with his father, Boyd. The teams again did well. Tyrell then went over to a Clinton Anderson Down Under Horsemanship Training clinic. Boyd joined him there on Sunday.
Kaye Draper went square dancing on Monday evening after her job at her church. She is celebrating 14 new contacts. “Sometimes I only get one or two contacts,” she says. Kaye has also been doing lots of bingo-ing. On Thursday she was surprised by her niece, Justine and Justine’s daughter, Daisy. They took her to lunch at the nearby Chuck-ARama. Kaye has started a new baby afghan for her service project. On Saturday while visiting Brighton Gardens, Kaye ran into a lady from Tremonton who recognized her as the former correspondent from Tremonton who wrote the Promontory Pointer.
Pam Wilson has noticed several other Bald Eagles on the Promontory road. She has also noticed more deer and pheasants than ever.
Clynn and Winnie Richman watched President Bush’s final press conference on Monday and Larry King Live on Tuesday night with President and Mrs. Bush. “T.V. makes the news really come home,” Clynn says.
On Friday Winnie went to Bundersen Elementary School in Brigham City to watch granddaughter Marriah Richman in the spelling bee. She won the fourth grade and placed fourth overall out of 25 contestants. Granny was so proud! Marriah was supported by her parents, grandmother and siblings.
Clynn and Winnie’s youngest son, Lyle and his children came to the Double S Bar to help Winnie and to eat dinner Friday night. “Thank you, Lyle,” Winnie says gratefully.
On Saturday Aaron Richman and friend Shaun came to the ranch to help Winnie clean the pig pen. The pigs ran wild but were very easy to get back in. “Thank you, Aaron and Shaun,” Winnie says.
Winnie sang with the ward choir during sacrament meeting, then hurried home for dinner and a rest before chores.

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