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Sunday, March 01, 2009

All the Pretty Horses

Walid Shoebat tells us to be watchful for Islamunistofascist cavalry charges:

[Interviewer:] I [wouldn't] look for Russia to be attacking on horses as the Bible talks about. It would be clear to see Muslim nations attacking Israel on horses. You know, because they’re still predominately using horses. Right?

[Walid Shoebat:] That’s right. In fact, the Nazis used horses, the German army. Horses were a very main element of transferring and transforming [sic] weapons, and soldiers, that all kinds of things like that. And the Muslims do have tons of horses.


  1. CAMELS. The Muslims have lots of CAMELS.

  2. Well, they could be horses dressed as camels. Cross-dressing horses would be just the sort of creature the great Satan would use to invade a geographical location that has limited natural resources.

    "And lo, the equine masters girded their loins and then showered together in the sight of their God; they were given scratchy towels and off-brand lubricants, and misery and chafing were theirs for entire weekends. Amen."


  3. "Horses were a very main element of transferring and transforming [sic] weapons,..."

    General Sir!

    Maybe the (sic) is put there in error. Maybe the horses were really transformers! Think of it. This is why the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse could destroy the earth! Those hinges start a turnin' and a flippin' and presto! WMD's!!!

    This is how Horses can be used to destroy Israel. It is a known fact.

  4. General, Sir:

    If I might be so bold. I think the gentleman's take on the "New Riders Of The Negev" is probably spot on. There is, however, a small problem--his name.

    I know our translators have trouble with someathem Araspic names; but, it's pretty obvious that Mr. Shoebat is, actually, Mr. Batshit.

  5. This is a satire site, right? Cause this stuff is way to goofy to have anything to do with the Bible.


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