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Sunday, March 01, 2009


If David and Helen Edwards attend the Faithful Word Baptist Church today, Pastor Steven L. Anderson and his charming wife, Zsuzsanna will kick their schismatic asses:
Why the Edwards Have Been Kicked out of Faithful Word Baptist Church

Unfortunately we have had to kick the Edwards out of our church. After months of receiving reports from many different people about Mrs. Edwards’ continual backbiting and criticism of our church members, as well as her constant rebuking of visitors and new believers for their clothing, etc., we have been forced to take action.

First I preached several sermons that alluded to these subjects in an attempt to solve the problem. Then several weeks ago I spoke to Brother Edwards privately over the phone about this issue, and at that point it should have been over. After continual complaints and my own observations it unfortunately became necessary to a call a meeting Sunday night after the service to deal with the problem. In the meeting Mrs. Edwards was forced to apologize to some of those against whom she had sinned. At the end of the meeting the entire church, including the Edwards, agreed to forgive, forget, and put this behind us. Yet even after this meeting Mrs. Edwards maliciousness and backbiting has continued; therefore, the Edwards family has been asked to leave.

In the past three years of our existence Faithful Word Baptist Church has enjoyed harmony and a spirit of one accord unlike any other church I have ever been a part of. We will not allow ANYONE to seek to divide our church into factions by backbiting, judging and criticizing new believers and visitors, having a “holier than thou” attitude, and otherwise tormenting our church members.

The Edwards have been told verbally, and are being told here, that if they choose to come to our church this Sunday they will be kicked out.
Helen says it is Zsuzsanna's fault:
Here is a statement that Zsusza Anderson is spreading all over the Internet about us the Edwards family,

"We believe they specifically targeted our church in an attempt to befriend certain members and then split the church, and that this was their reason for moving to Arizona."

WE the Edwards Family moved from Mississippi to Arizona in March of 2009 to attend FWBC and we have been attending every Sunday FAITHFULLY, our Daughter Iris became the pianist since we started and we were there at the church every Sunday, even thought our drive was 3 hours one way, and the gas prices were $3.50-3.99 a gallon


My purpose for writing those posts is to warn people not to give up their lives savings, Homes, Jobs, Retirement, Medical and Dental plans and all the time, energy and moving expenses and headaches like we did to move here and serve God, see we were not approved by the Head of the church Zsusza therefore we had to go no matter what was the cost.
Mark my words. Brother Matthew "Butt" Stucky is next. Zsuzsanna has already stated "The guy is nuts." and brother Matthew no longer links to her blog.


  1. Forgive me, General, for I have clicked on the updated Brother "Butt" Stucky bloggiething. At least I found out what to do with my "Idol time"

    "A lot of times my friends will talk to me about having some dead time or some idol time. Idol time in the Bible is a bad thing. “Idol time is the Devil’s playground” as the expression goes. "

  2. Maybe Zuszanna is gnarly due to her gross deformities as so artfully captured by one of her children. Poor thing!


  3. Yo Gen,
    A Christian backbiting, judging, criticizing and having a “holier than thou” attitude? What the fuck is this world coming to!

  4. I forgot to include the link to Zsuzsanna's gross deformities posting. Ah, that's better. Now I can burn in Hell without any nagging thoughts bothering me.


  5. My inner Frenchwoman particularly enjoyed Mrs. Anderson's recent post about how judging, name-calling, and hating are all Biblical:

    And she wonders if Mrs. Anderson is active in the Christian Domestic Discipline and Ex-Maturbationist movement, because if she isn't, she might really get a uh kick out of it.

  6. Yup, God and Jesus are universal love, unless you happen to be a backbiting gossipy harpy like that bitch Helen. How long before someone claims to have seen Zsuzsa consorting with the Devil?

    These people are walking cartoons.

  7. Oh dear, almost exactly the same thing happened to the North American Bukkake Orgasmization (NABO) I started. Everything was fine for about three years and then this witch comes in with her fancy Jacques Cousteau diving mask and her witchy laughter and her pithy comments about the size of our soldiers. It was a nightmare, especially when she started making us pay her.

  8. You can get thrown out of church for being too "holier than thou"?! Who knew?


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