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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Steele's Weekly Call for Forgiveness

I'm sure you've all seen Micheal Steele's clarification of his stance on abortion. If you haven't, here's how Monsieur Marshall described it:
[H]e thinks abortion should be the choice of the woman, notwithstanding always saying before -- and even in the same interview -- that he's pro-life.
Well, that wasn't the only clarification he made in his weekly call for forgiveness. There were others, many others, like these:
I was wrong when I said that Frank Sinatra's Pack Rats were my favorite entertainers. I meant U3.
Let me be clear, I do not really believe Gene Washington was the greatest American president. It was Judith Regan.
John Boehner's hair looks natural. I shouldn't have called it a greasy flea-market knock off of Trent Lott's nutria pelt helmet.
I misspoke when I stated that the stimulus package is "an immoral appliance and the state of Alabama was right to ban it." I should have said , "it's socialism and I'm going to talk to Mrs. Steele about it right away."
I should not have identified Ottawa as the capital of Afghanistan. I was distracted by a shiny object Joe the Plumber was trying to show me and meant to say "That's a bad rash, but a tax cut will clear it up right away."


  1. Cat on a hot tin GOP.

  2. It's fucking hilarious watching these GOOPers try to pander to their completely off-the-deep-end batshit loonie neo-Confederate base while simultaneously trying not to sound completely off-the-deep-end batshit loonie to "moderate Republicans" (if such a thing even exists). I love this shit!


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