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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It would be wrong... drive by the courageous teabagger-Americans and yell, "Get a job!"


  1. But the ones who are being paid by shadowy reich-wing -- I mean "noble patriotic" -- organisations to show up at the nut-sucking -- I mean "teabagging" -- rallies DO have a job. At least for a couple of hours...

  2. 'It would be wrong...'


  3. Anonymous11:17 AM

    My office is across the street from the SC Statehouse where our famous UnGovernor Sanford will lead an event at 12:30. We have an office pool as to how many confederate flags/tea shirts and anti-Obama signs will be present. Not only did we lose that war 150 years ago, now the Yankees went and elected a black President!

  4. Personally, if my teabagging doesn't end up in some kind of job, I feel personally unsatisfied.

  5. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Ralph – point of correction. The Yankees elected a black president with the help of Florida, Virginia and North Carolina. Now, maybe Florida is littered with retirees from New York City, and Virginia is lousy with those effete inside-the-beltway Washington types – but North Carolina? North Freakin’ Carolina?!

    Almost makes me wanna root for the ’Heels. Almost.

  6. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Dave- Point well taken. Knowing the feudal republic of South Carolina was a lost cause, after I helped Obama secure the nomination with a huge primary win in SC I spent my weekends in the Tar Heel state working for the Man. Never expected to win it, boy was that sweet.
    PS: pull for the Tar Heels? Never!

  7. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Actually, I have to confess I love North Carolina (the Tar Heels, that is); but I couldn’t bring myself to root for them over Michigan State. And, given that they beat my Illini a coupla years ago … well, if it weren’t for one Michael Jordan, I dunno if I’d still be a Tar Heel fan.

    Now then, yer Gamecocks are an altogether different matter.

    Still, you gotta love North Carolina goin’ blue in Aught-Eight. You oughta give yourself a pat on the back.

  8. Are there Gamecocks involved in the teabagging? If not, why not?



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