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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An unfortunate logo

I don't understand why Miss Poppy has a problem with the LA Archdiocesan Youth Commission's logo.


  1. That Miss Poppy is always noticing stuff! I am amazed at how she finds stuff like this, and the super good stuff for my xmas stocking!

    She sure knows her stuff.

    ps: the Jeez-it post-its almost got me thrown out of Aberdeen General Hospital. The receptionist (who will have to be portrayed by Lily Tomlin) politely folded the post-it and demurely tossed it in the trash. I love it when their eyebrows do that shimmy thing.

  2. Designed in 1973 according to Miss Poppy's site. Please, please, please tell me it is still being used.

  3. You have to be THIS TALL to go on the "Heavenly Father" ride.

  4. I'm disgusted.

    This is obviously a modern reworking for the paleolithic Pagan cave symbol for "to subsume a pillar of stone in the name of the father." I'm amazed that the church would use a heathen icon for it's holy work with young boys.

  5. Pederasty, as envisioned by Fisher-Price.
    There are some really sick commenters on this site. Thank you for being you.

  6. If the Catholic Church is done with the logo I know there's a tea bag company out there just chomping at the bit to use it! Chomping, says I.


    democommie: very nice. I don't know if they still use the same code phrase, but many years ago at Disneyland the staff would communicate the need for a "puke cleanup" by calling out "protein spill" followed by the location where the spill occured. Mmmm...the logo sort of suggests the same motif.


  7. Anonymous9:45 AM

    I think this is what they mean by “cognitive dissonance.”

  8. I laughed. I cried.

  9. I can't wait to see the logo they come up with for this.

  10. MOJoe:

    I was educated by Dominicans (well, sorta) and one of my aunties was in the order for over 70 years. She was a total sweetheart and a wonderful human being. Not all of her "sisters" met that mark, but on balance they were decent, hardworking women who made do with less than they should have had to educate their charges. Leave it to the Holy See (who obviously need a fucking "Seeing Eye" dog) to screw that up.

  11. Anonymous4:37 PM

    I have to second Demo’s comment about Dominican nuns. One of my aunts was a Sinsinawa Dominican for more than 70 years – she died a few years ago at the ripe old age of 91. Anyways, she and her cohorts were extraordinarily cool ladies. Interestingly enough, my aunt went into the order back in the late 1920’s in part because she was a feminist – she didn’t want to be a housewife or a secretary, which were the only real “career options” for women in her day, and she didn’t want to rely on a dude for much of anything; she wanted to have an education and she wanted to be independent, and the Dominican order gave her the opportunity to be what she really wanted to be, which was a college professor, which she was, and an accomplished scholar, which she also was. And most of her peers were likewise college professors, doctors, lawyers, hospital administrators … all of which is pretty incredible for a group of women who came of age in the 20’s and 30’s.

    Of course, the article MOJoe links to proves that that attitude is waaaay to much for the Vatican to handle, all this thinking for themselves and the like. My aunt never would have said it, but fuck those fucking douche-nozzles. She also would never have said, “Bite me, Benny!” But I will.

  12. having spent at least part of my career working w/ graphic designers, i think i can safely say that their logo sucks.

  13. I agree with Dave and Demo about the Dominicans.

    My son's girlfriend went to Dominican College over here in San Rafael CA. She was a pre-med student, and did a lot of work with (ssh!) stem cells. I asked how the nuns handled that, with the Vatican against it, and she said they rationalize it by only allowing research using mouse stem cells, and "assuming" there's no correlation between mouse stem cells and human stem cells. And that anything they learn about mouse stem cells isn't applicble to humans.

    Theyse women could teach something to the Jesuits!

    Also, the sports mascot for the Dominican teams is the Penguins. That tells me they have a sense of humor up there.

  14. Anonymous10:40 PM

    Yeah, Mutzali, they’re a special breed.

    And nuns, you’ll note, do not have a history of sexually abusing young kids. Or older kids either, for that matter. They’re pretty much sex-abuse-less, as a class of humans.

    When my aunt was in the final stages of cancer – which, if there is a God, is total bullshit; that you could live to the age of 90 or so and get fucking cancer, I mean, is bullshit – we went to visit her at the Sinsinawa Dominican’s “Mound” up in Wisconsin (their HQ and convalescent center, basically) … this was in September 2003, as I recall … and, anyways, all the nuns had these bumper stickers and pins and signs that said, “I Have Family In Iraq” – and they weren’t talking about military folks; they meant that the Iraqis were their family. Again, if there is a God, he or she will be good to those old broads.

    (I do believe that is the first, and most likely the last, time I’ve ever used the phrase “old broads.” Apologies all around.)

  15. Dave von Ebers:

    My auntie was up there at the same time as yours. And although I don't believe in the concept of a GOD in heaven, I would be happy to be wrong on both their behalfs.

    Once when I went to St. Dominic's Villa in Dubuque, IA to visit my auntie, Sr. Callista (or B.C., as we all called her, for her birth name, Beatrice Rose) she asked me to go to "chapel" with her. I did even though I had no belief in that system (I'm fairly certain she knew that and just wanted me to stay a bit longer). The next time I came through, a few years later, she again asked me if I'd like to "go down the hall". I replied that I didn't have time to go to mass; to which she replied--with a twinkle in her eye--"Oh, no, I meant you might want to use the bathroom before you leave.". She was a pisser!


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