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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Department of Book Reports: Gods Gachupines and Gringos: A People's History of Mexico, part 2

I want to talk a little more about this book, because I feel it is an important one. Timely, with all the hysteria surrounding "illegal immigrants" and Border Patrol Mitiltias. A better understanding of Mexico would go a long ways in today's climate. Dano told you about the book last week, and now I'd like to tell you a bit about the publisher.

Editorial Mazatlan has been publishing a popular language for tourists volume sold in Mexico, and this year brought out Gods, Gachupines and Gringos. This isn't a self-published book, but it's getting treated like one. Ingram, the national wholesaler here wants to distribute it through their "Lightening Source" print-on-demand service, even though that will give people a cheap, X-roxed quality volume, rather than distributing the higher quality volumes that Mazatlan already has bound and in their warehouse. That means the book isn't available at local bookstores as we reported last week.

You could help get this book into bookstores by bringing it to the attention of your favorite bookseller, and pointing them at Editorial Mazatlan's website. David will offer his kind help and generous (& freight free!) discount to the trade. Honestly, I haven't seen this kind of support to bookstores since... oh wait... I haven't ever seen it before. If you do tell your local bookstore about the book, please promise to buy it from them and then do so, on a timely basis. Nothing will piss off a bookstore more than a spam campaign of special orders that don't get picked up. The book sits on the shelf and the book buyer will glare at it daily, resenting being tricked. The book will languish for a couple months and then be bitterly returned, never to have seen the sunshine of the new release table. And that's not what we want here, people.

Any clicks you can make on teh googles will be appreciated, to keep this bookreport up at the top of the listings. That will give booksellers & customers enough info to find it for themselves. If you choose to buy it from us, Richard will fulfill the order from the Albuquerque warehouse so it'll be on it's way to you quickly.

I'd like you to see what other folks have to say about Gods, Gachupines and Gringos here and here and here. The book has plenty of acclaim, just not distribution. Let's change that.


  1. Who is Richard? What are gachupines? Do you need to read Part I before Part II?

  2. Anonymous9:03 AM

    I am. "Gachupine" is a Nahuatl word loosely translated as "obnoxious Spanish twit".

  3. Sorry Richard, I thought I got your name to light up... fixed that now!

    Knowdoubt, part I was last week, Dano's Book Report

  4. SeattleTammy,

    This is indeed a wonderful, well researched and well written book. I thoroughly enjoyed the preview copy I read and continually refer back to it for reference and little unknown tidbits and facts to confuse my readers.

    I agree, we need to help Richard get this thing moving. It's an undiscovered treasure.

  5. Thanks, pcorn!

    Sí se puede!

  6. SeattleTammy:

    I love it when you talk dirty! I think I will be in my local booksellers store this afternoon. They have a pretty good selection, but I will tip them on this one.


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