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Sunday, September 20, 2009

One of Pastor Anderson's Flock Looks Into the Future

A follower of Pastor Steven L. Anderson, James Forrest (Kingjames 520), on the Swine Flu and the Mark O' The Beast™ (members only):
I believe that the Swine flu pandemic is a test to see how easily people could be duped to taking the mark of the beast. It would take a man like "Obama" to declair some sort of a national emergency like a major terrorist attack to say everyone who is not a terrrorist must have a mark placed on his head or in his hand. Everyone who will not take the mark would be considered "politically incorrect" and disposed of. The reason most of the church is not really expierencing persecution in the US is because it is seated in the pews and listening to "poolitically correct" type sermons. Pastor Anderson is coming under fire and his whole church will eventually because he preaches sermons that offend the "politically correct". One day being a true Christian will cost most of us our physical lives. If we happen to be fortunate enough to live through the tribulation, then we will be caught up to meet the Lord in the air.

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  1. declair

    I looooove declairs! Between the depastry and the decream and the dechocolate deicing, I could just...

  2. Christian eschatology has a "waking up from a fitful nap" dreamlike quality. Sort of like "...what? Oh, man, wow..." There is no doubt whatsoever that it is a stoned religion. The only doubt is whether to smoke it or inject it. One might attempt to snort it, but then you would more than likely end up using a mirror, and Rapture Ready Christians aren't very good at looking into one of those.


  3. Declairs? Are those like decadent eclairs?

    Hell, sign me up!

  4. My cracker relatives sent me the email about the flu vaccine scam. I think the Jesus is going to use the swine flu to rapture all the unvaccined Christians off the earth. The Jesus or Darwin.

  5. I went down to the VA in Syracuse for some other stuff, today, and got a flu shot while I was there. The gals in the shooting gallery were all cheerful and 75% sortabrown. Now, I hear this, you got me worried.


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