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Monday, October 19, 2009

No Ice for the Israelites

Sometimes, commentary isn't necessary (or even possible).

The Vancouver Sun
A Metro Vancouver man who circumcised his four-year-old son at home with a razor blade and used blood coagulant meant for horses has been found guilty of negligence causing bodily harm.


DJW [the father] became interested in circumcision after reading THE books of Richard Hoskins, who advocates circumcision and claims there are Biblical answers to "all of the problems in society, including the number of abortions and homosexuals, and the national debt," judge wrote.

...DJW heard a radio show on circumcision, transcribed it and decided to circumcise himself. On the Internet, he found "horrible pictures of what could go wrong," which is "inconsistent with his frequently expressed opinion that circumcision is an obvious and simple procedure," the judge noted.

In late 2004 or early 2005, DJW circumcised himself, using a razor, Band-Aids, peroxide, a roll of gauze and a clear plastic ring that he believed would act as an anaesthetic.

After he cut himself, the bleeding wouldn't stop. DJW then called his mother to tell her he was a heretic and would never go back to her church. She told him to call 911 and hung up. He then called 911 and went to the emergency room of a hospital and was sutured. In 2006, DJW began asking doctors about the circumcision of DJ [DJW's 4-year-old son]. A few doctors advised against circumcising a four-year-old boy and refused to help DJW.

One doctor that agreed to do it was too expensive, charging $2,000 to $5,000. DJW decided to do it himself. He bought a blood coagulant used for horses because it was cheaper than a $30 coagulant for people. He told DJ that circumcision might hurt a bit but not for long. DJW told his son the procedure would grant him "extra special protection from God" and allow him to eat Passover lamb, ice cream and pick all the movies he wanted for a week. He also said told DJ it would be difficult to stay together as a family if DJ didn't agree to be circumcised.

DJW then gave DJ a teacup of homemade honey wine with eight to 12 percent alcohol. DJW then became stressed before performing the circumcision, so he left his son at home with his wife and went to Canadian Tire and Home Depot to "look at hardware and relax." When he came home, he laid DJ on clean garbage bags on the kitchen floor and put a towel or diaper under him, then cut the foreskin, sometimes with a sawing motion.

DJ shuddered and cried, and DJW's hand slipped. He told DJ to be still for a second cut. He used paper towels and a veterinary blood coagulant meant for horses, and the bleeding decreased. DJ then had to go to Children's Hospital.

A "beehive coating" of ash was removed from his penis and he was properly circumcised by Dr. Afshar.

In court, Afshar called into question DJW's procedure. Among numerous problems: The blades DJW used were neither sharp nor sterile. He said a kitchen cutting board under the boy's penis could have been covered with bacteria from food. And he said the veterinary coagulant was inappropriate and could have led to bleeding, infection and necrosis. Afshar testified that BC law doesn't ban people who have no medical training from performing circumcisions.
The people of Israel didn't need no steenking ice.
The man testified in court that, after the boy consented to the circumcision, he fed him some mead — a biblical beverage made from honey — lay him on the kitchen floor, stretched his penis across a cutting board and cut off part of the foreskin.

When asked in court whether the man used ice to ease the boy's pain, he replied, "Where would the Israelites have found ice?"

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  1. What was the razor blade used for before the kitchen floor circumcision?

  2. General, Sir:

    It's a good think that this fuckhead didn't get his hands on Dr. Mengele's memoirs.

  3. Commentary is ALWAYS possible when it comes to the evils of the Canuckisocialisticomedical system!

    Like any secular enterprise of evil, it won't pay for procedures that will make people more Godly. I bet that boy would have been put on a waiting list and he wouldn't have gotten snipped until he was old enough to make saintly Mr. DJW a grandfather, or when he hit 16 years old, whichever came first.

    Ya think Mr. DJW used horse medicine so his son would get, ahem, the "growth factor" of a horse, if you know what I mean? (Wink-wink, nudge-nudge, say no more) That a father should so love his only becutten son...

  4. There is just soooooo much wrongitude here it boggles the mind. How is it that this nutjob was walking around loose in the first place. Surely his wife and the mother of his children must have twigged to the fact that he was a loony when he tried to circumsize himself three years ago...the guy used a blood coagulant meant for horses on his four year old because the $30 version meant for humans was "too expensive"?
    Ahhhhhgggghghhgg!!!! Pass the brain bleach!

  5. At least he didn't try to circumsize a horse. Oy!


  6. Moils the world over hang their heads in disgust.

  7. Mmmm, give me that old time religion! *weep*

  8. FUCK - I apologize - in their right mind (that's just it, isn't it..."right mind") could imagine, think, assume that this was a reasonable or responsible thing to do? Having mutilated himself, he becomes obsessed with the idea of sharing this experience with a 4 year old child? I hope the mom leaves him, the court doesn't grant visitation without supervision and this man gets the help he so desperately needs.

  9. Where would the Israelites have gotten horse coagulant and razor blades?

  10. The first thing we have to make sure is that no commie, socialist liberal lefty gets a whiff of this story. They'll turn DJW's American ingenuity horse anti-coag story into some twisted justification for socialised medicine rather than the 37th best health in the world based on free market principles.

    Seriously, as a kid growing up in Sydney, I'm sickly reminded of the videos we were shown in primary school about our neighbours in Papua New Guinea and the intiation rituals the 13 year old boys had to go through. They were vile.

    This is a sample for crocodile scars.

  11. Home circumcision is a gateway ritual. It leads to home crucifixion and home burning at the stake.

    DJW should thank his lucky stars that he was stopped before even reaching the first century, as the next 1,000 to 2,000 years would have turned him into a raving monster wearing Prada shoes.

  12. Anonymous1:02 AM

    Genral Sir,

    Where would the Israelites gotten the idea?

    Your Obt. Svt.

  13. Where was the wife while all this was happening?


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