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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Obamacare will grab our guns

From the patriots at Free Republic:
In brief, the Baucus bill which passed out of committee will hurt you in several ways:

* You will have less money for buying firearms and ammunition...

* Anti-gun medical database that can be used to deny your right to purchase firearms...The federal government has already used medical diagnoses (such as PTSD) to deny more than 150,000 military veterans the right to own guns...

* Discrimination against gun owners. ObamaCare legislation in Congress will very likely empower anti-gun bureaucrats to deny medical reimbursements to individuals who engage in supposedly “dangerous” activities, like hunting or keeping loaded weapons for self-defense...

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  1. Did anybody say that those socialistic Islamofascist commies in the Osama Administration are going to EXCLUDE HEALTH CARE FOR ANYONE WHO'S BEEN SHOT BY A FIREARM?!? And THAT EVEN APPLIES TO THE TROOPS!!!!

    (Pardon the all-caps, but I just get SO excited when I make this shit up -- I mean, "consider the evil of the Osama plan.")

    It's all part of the government's back-door plan to eliminate gun ownership. "Sure, you can OWN a gun, but if you blow your dick off because you were putting your 9 mm in your pants pocket and it fired accidentally, or you got angry at your lippy 15-year-old son because he wasn't showing you any respect and you decided to show him what a load of 00 shot would feel like in the buttocks, you'll have to pay for it." Who would still pack under those conditions? OKKK, most patriotikkk kkkonservatives STILL would, but still...

    Anyway, if nobody has come up with this conspiracy theory, you have my permission to spout in in Freeperland. I would, but meh -- I've got to file my fingernails or something.

  2. One more thing -- I clicked through to the comments. It has been a while since I visited the patriotikkk Free Republic.

    The territory of "The Free Republic" is apparently "those patches of land inside the walls of homes whose windows are barricaded with plywood and the residents are inside waiting to shoot the first gubbermint agent who kicks in the door." Ah yes, the Amerikkka I loved and left... I describe that Amerikkka to people I meet down here. They have no trouble believing it.

  3. Right wing idiots are turning "patriot" into a four-letter word... but anyway, stopped reading at "Free Republic".

  4. General, Sir:

    Does this mean we CAN'T mount that military surplus mini-gun on the GC(Cubed)R amblance that I made out of that used BFI trash hauler?

  5. Here I was thinking that this was a true patriot until I read the link about gun owners getting discriminated against. I nearly got tricked by these socialist liberal commie pinkos.

    They are complaining about the best capitalist health care system in the world deciding not to insure someone due to risky practises - Surely, a perfectly good thing in the free market economy of personal responsibility. No insurance company should be burdened with risky insures and have to spread the cost out to non-risky people like us. Thats *socialism* of the worst kind!

    However, I agree with the original poster. We should be handing out guns to every person with PTSD, not just veterans.

  6. The insurance industry death panels have come in for bad press lately for refusing to insure children they deem too big or too small, so it would make sense to turn down children who live in houses full of loaded weapons. Having gun-nut parents is a pre-existing condition which costs many kids their lives every year. The best solution is for gun enthusiasts to agree not to reproduce, at least until we get Canadian-style health care.

  7. Canadian-style anything is going to be tricky without the Canadian-style civility.

    As much as I'm the first to want to see poor ole Merkans lives bettered, until you can sell these cowpies on the unequivocal benefits of socially co-operative mechanisms like health care, these rubes will continue wanting (fondling) their firearms under the guise of self defence from commies and the gummint.

  8. Joe -- You're right. Unfortunately, it all traces back to 1964 when the conservative Christians made a pact with the Devil and became Satanists. There was always a strain of this kind of self-centeredness among Americans, but this jumped it up a lot, as abetted by Ayn Rand and her brand of selfishness.

  9. JoViz, it's part of the American cultural DNA that if you make it possible for some Americans to get something from the government, they will ABSOLUTELY STOP WORKING. Welfare, health care, you name it -- if American citizens weren't convinced that they would starve to death or croak in the street with festering sores, they wouldn't bother to work at their jobs. And we can't have that, because America is the hardest-working country in the world!

    New American motto: "Work or die." Is it a great country or what?

  10. A favourite quote from Abe's Oddessey:
    "Work hard, die young. Win valuable prizes!"


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