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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Things you see at monster truck rallies

A fine Confederate-American models the latest Tea Party fashion at a monster truck rally in Jacksonville.

A note from the manufacturer:

We are a Louisiana based company and we ship Nation wide. We started off doing this to have a sideline to occupy our weekends. After several requests, we started a small website for some of our customers. We try to carry products that are hard to find and we are targeted to a specific type of customer. We view this merchandise as light hearted fun and in no way is it intended to harm any certain individual or group of individuals. We do not or have not tried in any way to initiate harm, violence or hate to anyone. We realize that some merchandise on this site can and will offend some people. We also want you to understand that there are sites that offend us and if this site offends you, please do as we do and do not visit a website that offends you.

Tip of the ol' helmet to Jiffyfeet.

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  1. The hats are pretty cool. It's a shame they come only in "XXS One size fits all."
    BTW "I pick my own cotton" isn't about race, it's about incest.

  2. With patriots like these assholes who needs terrarists?

  3. Not that I’m advocating violence, mind you, but I’d give my left nut to see one of these douche-nozzles walking around in my neighborhood. I mean, so long as the douche-nozzle had up-to-date dental records. So they could, you know, identify the body and shit.

  4. Golly. I think a noose is a "fun and light-hearted" symbol. And I have a real light heart when I think about peeing on people. Or cutting off their heads and shooting at them like clay pigeons. Fun.

  5. I haven't been to the site yet, but I can't wait to see their shirts with a design of a Nazi in full regalia sitting there with a plate of matzoh and a crematorium in the background, or a Mahometan terrrrrrrist wearing the hoodie thing, holding a head-severing knife with a stack of Big Macs as troop-bait. Because it's all in good fun! How could any sensible person be offended by that stuff?

  6. Light-hearted?
    Have we read any history today?

  7. Insert obligatory comment about how the South really isn't a backwards ass second world shithole run by semi-literate racists and religious fanatics and we need to be nice to them or they'll, uh, become even more ignorant and elect more neandrethals like Joe Wilson.

    Sherman went too easy on these hillbillies.

  8. I am shocked sir, shocked! that someone at a monster truck rally in jacksonville would wear a shirt like that.


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