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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Scared of terrorists?

I'm feeling a bit sick and can't concentrate, so I'll be short today.

Actually, I'm hiding under my desk, shaking in fear after learning of the arrival of our testicular robot overlords.

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  1. Who knew that peenee snipping would be outsourced to the robo-elite. It is just a small step from this to Death Panels. I'm tellin'ya. Also.

  2. Its like living in the future!

  3. AHA!!! I knew youtube would save me. The Dr. is a fraud. He copied a dodgy 80's comedy science fiction. Have a look at 1:17.

  4. General, Sir:

    You had me scared shitless for a minute there. I was thinkin', "They ain't replacin' my "boys" with no stainless steel milkwhalemakers, no siree bobbit!". When I finished reading the article though I realized that we've got some old Sun engine analyzers and stuff down at the motor pool that could prolly be cannibullised and used to make a passable replica of what that sortabrownsurgeon came up with. I'll be working on that project until I get some more funding for the Deathpanelmobile prototype we've been trying to finish at Area 49.95, Sir.

  5. Is that an unmanned robotic surgical drone in your arsenal or are you just happy to see me? I'll take my answer off the line.


  6. I applaud this advance in the field of spermatazoan science! For one thing, it will free millions of the little swimmers from behind their ejaculatory tube-tied repression. And also, if there's no team of surgeons, especially those snarky OR nurses, staring at a man's equipment, there will be no worries about peals of laughter over, ahem, "sizing issues."

  7. General, Sir:

    If they was workin' on my johnson they wouldn't need no damned mikerscopes.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. General, Sir:

    I, for one, welcome our testicular robot overlords. (Well, somebody had to say it.)


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