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Monday, June 14, 2010

The last thing you should see before dozing off to sleep

OfJoshua and I visited a crafts market this weekend. I don't usually go to those foo foo places--they suck the testosterone right out of a man's gonads--but I went along to help her pick out a knitted holster for the .50 cal Desert Eagle I bought her for Mothers Day. I'm glad I did, because I found the perfect lamp for our night stand. I took a photo of it. You can see it below.

I can't explain how I felt when I reached over to shut it off last night before going to sleep. There's nothing quite like witnessing the glory of our Lord's tortured agony a split second before the room goes dark. And man, take a look at the size of His immaculate package. We'll all be getting one like that come the resurrection.


  1. I always figured JC would be packin'.

  2. You sure got wicked blessed!

  3. That's not as scary as if the last thing you saw before you went off to dream sweet nightmares was the image of Jesus blasting Santa with a shotgun.

  4. Jesus worked out for your sins!


  5. That whole "Jesus died for your _______ " thing? Just made me want to sin harder. I figgered Jesus could handle the load...

  6. Lordy, Lordly, you gots some nice bulges. Amen.


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