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Monday, June 14, 2010

Homosexualists Want Us To Eat Da Poo Poo


  1. I missed those public service ads that Impostopresident Obama has been airing to urge everyone to eat poo-poo. Must be showing overseas in his native land of Kengo, with transmissions leaking into Ughlanda.

    Y'know, I never hear any liberals mentioning man-on-dog sex, poo-eating and inserting fists into caverns of shame. They must be deeply ashamed of the acts they espouse. It's always conservatives who are preaching sermons about such topics, waving around gory posters of aborted fetuses and looking REEEAL hard at photos of men felching each other. Good thing that kkkonservatives are always talking about eeeeeeevil things like that, to keep it in everybody's mind. Otherwise, the libbos would be allowed to practice their perversions unnoticed.

  2. How does this man know so much about what homosexualists do behind so-called 'closed doors'? This sort of insight is too detailed to be mere manufactured intolerance. I ask, with so much shite coming out of his mouth, has he eaten da poo poo?

  3. General, Sir:

    I'm sorry, but this is a shampoo video.

    The revernd exposed himself (sic) when he said "the privacy of their bedrooms". Hell, everbody knows that them Ugandastanis don't GOT no friggin' bedrooms. They live in mud huts and theys about a friggin' dozen per hovel. Bedrooms? my sweet aunt Hector's ass! And if we could just guide our own country back to those sweet man-o(wni)n-man days of yesteryear, why, them GAYschwarzofascists would wither and go away--stead o forcin' GODLY KKKristian mens to do the LORD's dirty work.


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