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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Department of Book Reports: The Backlash

With Glenn Beck and his minions marauding around D.C. this weekend, I wanted to point out a new book by Will Bunch entitled The Backlash: Right-Wing Radicals, High-Def Hucksters and Paranoid Politics in the Age of Obama (Harper $26.00). The book will be released on Tuesday, August 31st, so I haven't had a chance to read it yet. However, I know and loved Bunch's previous book, Tear Down This Myth: The Right-Wing Distortion of the Reagan Legacy ( Free Press $16.00).

Bunch shows us in The Backlash that the these Right-Wingers : Think Obama Isn't an American Citizen. They think Obama wants to put Americans into Concentration Camps. They think Obama is the Anit-Christ.

I am very anxious to read this book. It will be available, of course, at Jackson Street Books and other fine Independent bookstores.As always, books ordered here will have a freebie publishers Advance Reading Copy included as a thank you to our blogosphere friends.

Five years ago, Hurricanes Katrina and Ike highlighted the importance of protecting the environment in order to protect communities. Louisiana’s natural lines of defense – barrier islands, swamps, and wetlands – disappear at the rate of one football field every 45 minutes, leaving communities more vulnerable to future storms. Now, BP’s crude is clearly making matters worse. Gulf Restoration Network is working with event organizers throughout the country to build a nationwide call for a commitment to restoring and protecting the Gulf.

We'll be screening the movie at Lacamas Hall in Second Life, Monday 5pm (PDT or SLT) one of nearly 200 similar events throughout the country, locals will come together in support of the Gulf of Mexico’s people, places, and wildlife to commemorate the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Catastrophic wetlands loss leaves New Orleans and other coastal communities more vulnerable to hurricanes like Katrina, and now BP’s oil disaster continues to impact an already imperiled ecosystem.

Defend the Gulf Movie Screening and Discussion, featuring a compilation of short films designed to educate and inspire that includes the world premier of “Terrebonne,” a family drama set in Louisiana's swamps, a hilarious mockumentary by the creator of Mr. Bill, the compelling and award-winning home by Matt Faust, GRN's Gulf Tides series covering the BP oil disaster, and more.
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1 comment:

  1. Buh.. buh... buh... This Scarymerica that Mr. Pantiesina Bunch blacklashes about is the Real America!

    Look at the faces of the patriotikkk army who attended His Beckkkholiness's Repossessing the Dream godfest Aug. 28. They represent what America looked like when it was still America, when you could watch Lawrence Welk on TV and hear Pat Boone on the radio and see Bob Hope on the movie screen. And you didn't have to worry that anyone who didn't look like Lawrence, Pat or Bob would be allowed to sit in YOUR section of the theatre, either!

    America was great back then in the days when Real Americans didn't have to be ashamed of the colour of their skin. Only non-Real ones had to feel that way. And if it occasionally took blowing up one of their churches or having a mob hang a few of 'em from a tall oak tree to show them not to cross Real Americans, well that's just the price that lesser people have to pay for our Freedom.

    I heard from a patriotikkkoblogger that there were half a million Real Americans who stormed Washington D.Cesspool for Rev. Martin Luther Beckkk Day, which should be made a national holiday by same time next year. The Lamescheme meeja might claim it was only 87,000 based on sciencey theories like "aerial photography" and "crowd density mapping" but Real Americans know that everything the LSM says is a lie if it doesn't agree with what we already believe.

    In years to come, being at Beckkkerhead Day will be for Real Americans like being at Woodstock was for dirty stinking hippies. Even if they were too poor to get there, or they were so fat that they were embarrassed to be in a crowd of people who might be thinner, or they were so old that their joints hurt too much to stand around in the August heat and humidity in a town that's full of dangerous nonReal Americans, patriotikkk types will proudly lie and say they were there. Not at that drugged-up Woodstock mud 'n' sexfest, but at the wholesome and prayer-filled Beckkkemburg Rally, I mean.

    Damn I wish I didn't find myself living in another country, on the opposite edge of the continent, with a job I had to work at. Beckkkause for sure I woulda been there otherwise. And from the looks of that crowd, I woulda pulled some major postmenopausal tail, if you know what I mean! I woulda finally found a use for the free samples of Cialis I got under those fake names.

    But forget you ever heard me say I WASN'T there. Cause in a couple weeks, I'm gonna start lying that I was. Can you imagine how many wimmens are gonna fall bed over heels for my manliness on account of that? Maybe I'll even tell 'em I caught one of the pieces of his stained underwear Beckkk threw into the crowd! Yeah, I'll invite 'em over to my basement to have a sniff (even though it will just be my own gaunches.) The thought of that makes me so excited that I might just dip into that Cialis three-pack right now...


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