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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Proud Confederate-Americans Defending the Flag

A number of proud Confederate-Americans posted photos to the "Burn A Confederate Flag Day" Facebook site to prove that the flag isn't a racist symbol. Here are a few examples.

These patriots also defended the Confederate flag in their posts.

Chris Stock - "You need a history lesson or an ass kicking. Maybe both, JC Christian."

Mitchell Mogg - "This site is nothing but liberal lefty's trying to divide our country with lies. Get a life. Go and burn your underwear,you don't have to take them off. Always playing a race card. The truth is ya'll have been the ones that kept black Americans oppressed over the years."

Gary Adams - "Black Leader in Race Motivated Gang-Rape & Murder to be Executed after 16+ years: [Link is to neo-Nazi Vanguard News Network]."

St Jakk - "If y'all want to get your panties in a wad about a flag on American soil that symbolizes hatred,corruption,racism and danger to our Great Union you need look no furhter...[attached photo of Mexican flag]."

Victor Smith - "you people make me sick...I PROTEST THIS EVENT IN ALL AND IT IS AN INSULT TO ALL ANCESTORS."

Robert Maxwell Spigner - It's people like you that cause continued racism. I am offended by your actions here and have reported you to FB


  1. Re: Mitchell Mogg and the horse (it was the one on the left, eh?) -- I've heard of people looking like their pet dogs, but...

  2. Anonymous6:47 AM

    This is hysterical! Makes me want to buy a little Confederate flag and set a Bic to it and post the video. Of course, buying and wearing a black panther t-shirt is the only way I think I could create the karmic symmetry to make the purchase happen...cuz I wouldn't be caught dead buying the C. flag.

    (Ever read Fat Farm by OSC? Victor Smith could be cast as the main character. The f'ing heritage argument? Really? My ancestors conspired to perpetuate evil? That's what you wanna being saying when Jesus comes back?) ;-)

  3. Mogg is what happens when cuzzins marry.

  4. General, maybe you should invite Andrew Breitbart and his little lap dog, John Nolte, to a Stars-’n-Bars Burning.

  5. General Sir!

    I went to your FB site and scrolled through the photos. Couldn't figure out why most of them were thought to be worthy of public viewing. It never fails to surprise me what people want the world to see of themselves.

  6. Perhaps the rehabilitation of the confederacy was the last, greatest hope for many of these angry, restless souls. If only they could bask in the nobility of those antebellum-south days, then perhaps the base facts of their lives would seem less pointless and devoid of meaning. It comes down to self-esteem and negative feelings, which makes this farce just a little bit sadder--not to mention they have to use tankers of white-out to cover the tracks of the actual history. All in all, a sorry and sordid affair. Sniff.


  7. Gen sir,
    I will give Mr. Mogg credit for one (and only one) thing. That sure looks like a filly to me.

  8. A horses head and a horses ass..nice...

  9. OMG that is insanely funny. Heads here in S.C. would explode. Hell I had to wipe coffee off my monitor...Once again J.C. you are "da man"!

    Kudos Sir!
    (aka Vanilla Rhapsody)

  10. 允黃淑 said...


    For those who are not as fluent in Chinese as I am, Dung Le-Ba there is saying he'll be burning a Confederate flag in Shenzen on Sept. 12. (It will still be Sept. 11 in the U.S. when he does it -- double the irony!) The second sentence says his factory makes those flags (which are sold at Wal-Mart) so he can steal one and burn it for free!

  11. Anonymous10:20 PM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. Jesus, Bukko! See what you started!!

  13. Bukko, I am laughing my ass off. Thanks.

  14. Some people sure do love to be insulted. Who cares if someone holds a Burn the Confederate Flag Day? Why would anyone except a complete moron take it personally.

    Oh. Just noticed the photos. Never mind.


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