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Friday, September 24, 2010

America: Shining Execution Chamber Upon a Hill

Our Greatest Leader, St Ronnie of the Salvador Option, often referred to our country as a "shining city upon a hill." As the most moral and decent nation on Earth, His Holiness the Gipper argued, the United States is the role model others should follow. His greatest hope was that the misguided people of Europe and the impoverished masses of the developing nations would embrace the American religion of unfettered capitalism and vengeful justice.

Tonight, we showed the world, once again, that we are still that shining city on the hill. Ignoring world-wide pleas to do otherwise, we embraced our most basic values and principles by executing a mentally disabled woman.

Teresa Lewis had an IQ of 72. That's just 2 points above the number needed to be officially deemed "mentally retarded."

But that did not stop the good patriots of Virginia from executing her. "She was involved in a murder," they cried, "and by God, she must be killed--Do not deny us the vicarious thrill of killing in the name of justice!"

Lewis wasn't the first mentally disabled person to be executed. We've proudly killed many others before her. Here's a short list of a few of them:

Jerome Bowden, IQ: 65, Executed: June 4, 1986.
He was convicted of murder and sentenced to death. When the state granted a last-minute, ninety-day stay of execution to have his mental capacity evaluated, Bowden's lawyers rushed to his cell with the news, but Bowden did not understand the meaning of a "stay." He asked his attorney if the stay meant he could watch television that night.143 "Jerome has no real concept of death," his attorney ruefully concluded.
Oliver Cruz, IQ: 64, Executed: August 9, 2000
He was functionally illiterate, reading and writing below the third grade level. He dropped out of school after failing seventh grade three times. He supported himself with menial work and odd jobs because he could not understand how to fill out a job application. Cruz also suffered from severe dependency on drugs and alcohol; indeed, he was severely intoxicated at the time of his crime.
Morris Odell Mason, IQ: 62-66, Executed: June 1985
A paranoid schizophrenic with a mental age of eight, Morris Mason had been in and out of mental hospitals for much of his life and had a history of violent acts. When he was twenty-one, he began to hear voices in his head ordering him to "do things, break things, tear things, and destroy things."

After Mason was charged with murder, a state psychiatrist who interviewed him found him "seemingly uncaring as to his fate. He offers no complaints and seems to have no full association [sic] of the gravity of his situation."
Luis Mata, IQ: 63-70, Executed: December 21, 1996
Luis Mata and his fifteen siblings often went hungry as children. "Malnourishment was a daily fact of life."191 The children were also beaten viciously by their alcoholic father. Luis, in particular, suffered his father's wrath: he was beaten with electric cords, kicked, and punched. At age six, Luis fell from a wagon and fractured his skull. His head swelled "like a balloon," but his impoverished family sought no medical treatment for him. After his fall his behavior became increasingly odd and unpredictable: he "began to have seizures like a jumping bean."193 He talked to himself and spoke of visits from space aliens.

"Luis also seemed a lot dumber after the accident," his sister recalled. Luis had to repeat first grade three times.195 A psychiatrist who examined him when he was an adult reported that "his ability to express himself and.... to recognize the meaning of common words were at the level of a nine- to ten-year-old child." He did not understand the difference between north and south or east and west, or the number of weeks in a year.


  1. In the Shining Country Upon A Hill (would that hill be Calvary?) everyone is equal. You can be executed if you're male or female, old or young, black or black or black or (sometimes) white, and even if you're stupid or smart. Just not if you're rich, because then you can afford good lawyers. But in ShinyCity, some people have to be more equal than others.

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  3. OMG they're killing their base!

  4. An excellent comment by "Realism", but really, this is all just so SAD.

  5. General Sir, your inner Frenchman is trying to slip through again. You need to stomp his head.

    Me, I think it's just a shame they don't do public hangings. If it was good enough for Saddam Hussein's hapless double, it's good enough for America's mentally disabled.

  6. I don't know about everyone else, but when I click on Teh Gen'l's page, what pops up right beside this post is a Google ad for some Old West game where a gallows sprouts out, followed by a leering sheriff. Teh Goggle has a wicked sense of irony, eh?

  7. I would say something, but the tears are in the way.

  8. At least we didn't stone her.

  9. Well, at least we've achieved the level of civilization of Georgian England. Where they hung children for stealing a piece of string.

  10. Since Deacon mjs didn't grace us with a funeralopinuary on Friday, I feel the need to fill the empty space with another thought about death. Namely, who ARE these bleedy-part libborals in Virginny with their merciful executin'?

    When you're in an American prison, death is the easy way out. Now, I've only been in a couple of prisons in Florida -- to work, I might add, not as a full-time guest -- but the ones I saw were hellholes.

    Imagine having to live for year after year in a concrete barracks with no air conditioning in the unrelenting Sunshine State heat 'n' humidifuminess. Surrounded by rapists and murderers and little-old-lady-hitter-over-the-headers. People like that scream and fight and curse and do things with their bodily wastes that you'd really rather not know about. (But I could tell you if you send me a private e-mail.)

    The food was so bad I wouldn't even steal the leftovers to feed 'em to my dog. But there were rarely any leftovers because life was so monotonous that the prisoners would eat anything they could find just for some diversion. It was the kind of place where inmates kept pet spiders and trained 'em to fight other peoples' pet spiders because there was nothing else to do. Inmates would sign up for road crew work mucking out snake-infested drainage ditches with hand tools because that was better than staying inside the wall.

    This Teresa Lewis was only 41, so she could have spent another three decades suffering behind bars. And isn't that what Amerikkkan justice is all about, making people endure grinding, hopeless, soul-destroying punishment?

    Sure, KKKhristians will say "KKKill her like Old Testament Jesus commands so that He can hurl this murderess into the Lake of Fire and stomp on her head every time she comes up for a breath." But she'll be spending eternity in Hell anyway, so another 30 years of slow torture on this flat Earth is a fitting prelude. The amusing thing is that when she's down with the damned, she'll think back on imprisonment as the good times!

    Plus, if the goddamned atheists are right, and there IS no Hell, then she's been cast into the arms of sweet, peaceful Death way before her time. All by a bunch of goody-goody goo-goos in Virginia. For shame, sirs!

  11. Can anyone validate an execution in Texas of a mentally retarded black man under the governorship of G.W. Bush? The story goes that on the eve of his execution the jailers asked him why he didn’t eat his jello as it was his favorite dessert and he had specifically asked for it with his last meal. He answered that he wanted to save it for later. I read about this but wondered if it was urban legend.

  12. John, the GoogleGod knows the answers to everything. All you need to do is ask Him in His Wisdom, and the Truth shall be revealed. I found the case of which you speak, but the only food mentioned in this story was a cheeseburger and fries, not Jello. But the late patriotikkkal President Bush was such a follower of Old Testament Jesus the Avenger that he would say "God Bless" to the people he was about to fry. Should Amerikkka be proud to have such a man as its representative to the world, or what?

    If you want to find out more about Bush's perfect record -- I think his zapping average was 127-for-127, then Gogol "The Clemency Memos."

  13. I'm categorically against capital punishment in peacetime but if we're going to make distinctions about who can and cannot be executed, I'm not sure that intelligence is a good metric.

    If someone is at the intellectual level where they are expected to hold a job, where they can enter into contracts and where they can tell right from wrong, I can't sanction that person not being subject to the same legal punishments as anyone else.

    This woman was smart enough to hatch a plot and convince two other people to commit two homicides on her behalf in the hopes of defrauding an insurance company. If she's smart enough to put together and execute such a plan, she is smart enough to be subject to the system of justice.

    Now, if we want to have a conversation about how our culture approaches mental illness and the developmental disability or about why we have capital punishment at all, excellent. That conversation is long over due.

  14. "Smart enough to be subject to the system of justice,".. "Subject to the same legal punishments as anyone else," ??? What planet have you been living on? Our so called "System of Justice" is broken and beyond repair. "Same legal Punishments as anyone else," not named Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield, Rove, Yoo, the list goes on. A conversation built on a foundation of lies is not worth having. IMHO

  15. you cant compare this womans case to either Bowden or Mason. Whatever ones beliefs on capital punishment (i dont support it) neither Bowden nor Mason met the LEGAL criteria for capital murder, state of Vigina. Both were retarded one was also psychotic. not even close.

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