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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Cholos of Chilliwack

Sharon Angle's been catching a lot of crap about her "Invading Brown Horde" ad. Tolerance-o-fascists say it portrays Mexicans as stereotypical gangbangers. She says that's not the case--they're Canadians. Unfortunately, we can't see the whole video anymore--apparently she "borrowed" some of the images from Getty--but I do have a screencap, and, uh, it's not photoshopped.

I report. You decide.

Update: The Marijuanistas of Newfoundlandistan.


  1. Yep, asians. Well, except for that Bob McKenzie looking guy. And the kitten. And, maybe that dude with the glasses. He looks sorta polish. But the rest of them are asian fer sure. Damn-it, why aren't we guarding that northern border, or the coasts or something, like she said. Or, am I thinking of Rumsfeld? We know exactly where they are, to the east or south, or maybe the north. I don't know. The republican army never gave me a very reliable compass.
    I just pray that we don't have to go to war with leaders such as these. God, I hope not. Just how would you position the ghetto bred, sorta brown troops we have in our ranks if we didn't know which direction the enemy was coming from? Do we just attack in every direction? That would solve the problem, wouldn't it? Attack, attack. Just shoot at something damnit!

  2. You mean, the kitty is also an illegal alien?!

  3. General, Sir:

    I applaud Candidumbfuck Angle for having the courage to call an asiomesohispanofascist a asia-, well, you get the idea. If not for brave souls like her I wouldn't know WHO the fuck I was s'posed to hate. These damned immiperps ARE stealing merKKKin gangbangers' jobs!

  4. Is that Milton Waddams - the guy who's going to burn this place to the ground if he doesn't get his red Swingline stapler back?

  5. General, I’m forever in your debt. That episode of “Trailer Park Boys” is, I think, the funniest thing that’s ever been on the teevee. Just freaking brilliant. And who doesn’t love a kitty, huh?

  6. Christine O'Donnell turned me into an asian...(pause)...I got better.

  7. Those brownskins coulda been Canajuns. I know since I got up here, my skin has been getting browner. It's not from sunshine, since there is none of that here on the Wet Coast. I reckon it's rust, on account of all the rain. As much as it drips here, though, you'd think I'd be turning green from mould (as they colloquially spell it here.) My nose has also gotten flatter, like those Mexillegofascists', although that's more due to when this Canuck punched me for complaining about the weather so much.

  8. Hey wait--you're sure they're Mexicans? They don't look Asian enough....


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