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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Northern Threat and Our Constitution

Anglicanofascist terrorist immigrants from Saskatchistan gave me the flu or a bad cold or something, so rather than a long post, I'm giving you an opportunity to tell me what's your favorite part of the Constitution (Teabagger-American Version).

What is your favorite Teaparty part of the Constitution


  1. Love the fact that after you cast your vote, it gives you the option to “Change your vote” …

    What is this, Chicago?

  2. Now when I vote I'll be thinking of Donkey Dicks. And horse emissions. And god almighty. It doesn't get any better than that. It really doesn't.

    (note: not that it matters, but I am retiring my "four cross" signature [++++]--with the rapture so close I don't want to give Yahweh any ideas...)

  3. Whilst many worthy Xtians . . . Neal Horsley comes to mind . . . are well and truly fixated on the equine yogurt font, I believe righteously that 1 Samuel 5:6-7 (God smites the people of Ashdod and Ekron with hemorrhoids "in their secret parts.") is most the single most important part of the Teabaggers' Constatooshun because if Rush Limbaugh of Ashdod had not been so smitten by God, he would have voyaged to Vietnam as a young man . . . and the EIB may never have edumacated the masses who were hungry for snake oil . . . er . . . i mean the truth.

  4. Anglicanofascist terrorist immigrants from Saskatchistan gave me the flu or a bad cold or something

    I have found these Canadians to be a disease-ridden people indeed. That's what happens when you give people socialized medicine -- they feel free to complain every time they
    get a fever and can't breathe for the coughing and wheezing. And they think they should be able to go to the doctor! What cheek. Not like America, where people know they better not whinge about their sickness, otherwise they stand a good chance of being fired from their job because they will be too much of a burden to the health insurance companies, and then they'll wind up living in the bushes by the roadside, with nothing but a trash fire in a garbage can to keep them from freezing to death. Medical care -- it makes Canajuns into a bunch of sick sissies who spread their contagion to Americans.

  5. General, Sir:
    I forgot to post on this: My favorite part of the USS Constitution is actually the part where Jesus has that Crusade in the amphitheater where He tells everybody to "fuck all y'all cause I've got mine," and then tells 'em they are on their own for dinner while He and His roadies eat fish and chips in front of them.


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