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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

He's Voting

Partial credit to Shoq.


  1. kathequa:

    There will be nice people at the polling place to help you with the ballot--sorry, it just seems that your visual acuity is slipping.

    General, Sir:

    They don't make enough of ANYTHING to get me to do do any Spartan Wrasslin' with that gent.

    Polls are open, time to go vote, people!

  2. Just hold your nose and vote, as the saying goes...

  3. Seeing that picture, I think the saying oughta be "Close your eyes and vote..."

  4. From the results pouring in, apparently the answer is no, no you are not.

  5. I did. but unfortunately, there were more of the "Plumber's Crack" vote than there were of my kind.

    (But I'm safer than some. I live in Californiastan, which is still a True Blue Hippie State. Think I'll have an extra dash of organic Granola tonight....)


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