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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Join the State Security Apparatus

I'm proud chose Jesus' General to advertise their fine services. With marketing like the photo on the right and the sales pitch the site offers about the cool guns G-Men get to use, I'm sure this fine degree mill attacts the finest potential FBI recruits around. Heck, my little State Security Apparatchik feels like it's a little larger now that I've seen this ad. I hope yours does too (unless you're a not-man).


  1. Teh Gen'l gets all the kewl Goggle adds where He signs on! I get boring stuff like how to become rich by investing in "real estate pools." Of course, that's worked out so well during the past three years, what could go wrong, eh?

    If I had a manly ad like that in my Googly boxes, I'd click on it over and over and over, until my gun went off. Tehn Gen'l gets micro-pennies for each click, right? Never let it be said that I wouldn't even lift a finger for Jesus' General.

  2. FYI, General. If you talk too much about your Google ads, they'll stop recording your clicks.

  3. Yes, but your ads for Bonobos is counteracting the effect. Strangely, my little, er, I mean MASSIVE State Security Apparatchik still stands at full attention.

  4. sir, general, sir!

    the the only thing missing is that adorable little maroon beret our manlymen wear...


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