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Friday, November 05, 2010

The Opinuary Column

The Opinion "The rotting of the Republic is too much to bear" has died from a variety of wounds, many self-inflicted. It is the nature of the beast to die as a beast, as it is the nature of the creative to never stop creating. Linger watchful in these murky hours, be you not too tightly bound, and hearken past the hollows to the richly verdant ground. Take heart, dear mournful agitants: the readiness is all. There has yet to be a Winter that knows not the secrets of the Spring.

Create, and don't despair! Bitterness never yet fed a hungry heart!


  1. Mr. mjs, Sir:

    I like that there filmclip, that guy sounds just like Kennenth Branagh, even if he looks like Sting.

  2. U.S. Republican legislators on the march to Capitol Hill? Blame old white men.

    They gave the Grand Old Party a giant boost in
    mid-term congressional elections Tuesday, pushing aside President Barack Obama’s Democrats.

    Exit polling revealed that almost 25 per cent of
    the electorate was aged 65 and up, most of them white males. Only 11 per cent of voters surveyed were aged 18 to 29. “It’s just the frenzied, desperate last gasp of a bunch of privileged white people trying to hold on to their power,” said Democrat Kate Hamill, 27.

    “They’d love to take this country back to the halcyon days of the 1950s — a wonderful time in America, unless you were black, or gay, or a woman.”

    How about that ... (?) ...

  3. Lookahere, the only way for a rebirth is after a lot of death. Clears out the deadwood and the dickweeds. I think it was noble for the patriotikkk Teabaggomericans to vote for the people who will cut up their Social Security and Medicare. They have voted for their own deaths via starvation and lack of medical care. For this, we must salute them! Voting for suicide, to help the younger generations that will come along and spit on their graves on account of the mess the old white RealAmericans are leaving behind. By electing people who will let the Teabaggopatrioters starve and rot, those oldies are saving the young'uns the trouble of stomping their elders to death. It makes me wanna cry like I'm a House Speaker or something.

  4. Hamlet would feel better if he watched a few George Carlin monologues.

  5. Nicely said,mjs. Of course old Hamlet there is talking to his buddies Rosencranz and Guildenstern. Both of whom, I've been informed, are dead.

    Might interest you and your other readers to know that the hippies put those words to song and you can listen to it here:


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